How To Handle Adult Bullying And What Are The Types?

Adult Bullying

Being a bully is quite a dangerous thing for surrounding; an adult bully can be an intimidating boss or colleague, parents or a controlling romantic partner, an unruly neighbor, etc., Sometimes it becomes physical bullies who often hit, slap, punch, kick, or otherwise assault people. They may also engage in stalking, stealing, or destroying one’s personal property.

The way of treating someone in a threatening, cruel, insulting, or even aggressive multiple times is known as bullying. Jealousy, insecurity, and unhappiness result in adult bullying. So in simple words, bullying is an intentional behavior designed to hurt someone physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Therefore, Adult Bullying is thriving.

Types Of Adult Bullying

  1. Narcissistic Adult Bullying –In this case, the people generally struggle with some self-esteem issues. It takes place when a person has an inflated sense of self-importance.
  2. Impulsive Adult Bullying – The case of uncontrolled bullying is termed Impulsive Adult Bullying. This bullying occurs when the perpetrator is under stress or when the person is going through a tough time.
  3. Physical Adult Bullying – Here, bullying involves physical actions and contact. This type of bullying engages in stalking, stealing, or destroying one’s personal property. This type may result in increased anger issues with some types of serious psychological problems.
  4. Verbal Adult Bullying – When numerous rumors, gossip are being spread about others behind their backs, with cuss words that are said to be mean and hurtful, then called Verbal Adult Bullying.
  5. Secondary Adult Bullying – The person who witnesses this bully may speak up or report the incident instead of hurting the person on the receiving end who is suffering from Secondary Adult Bullying.

Methods To Handle Adult Bullying

Adult bullying can be avoided by following 8 steps.

  1. Keep your opinions clear – Handling bully is not easier for everyone. Take care when you are dealing with a road rage driver, a hostile neighbor, or something else then. The best solution is to maintain a proper distance. But sometimes you got stuck in such conditions when there is no way to get out than in these conditions you should consult your friends about different courses of action.
  2. Keep yourself cool – People who know one weakness always try to bully by pushing your buttons which creates a space for them to annoy you, and this is the primary reason for bullying. To avoid this case, the essential tool you can use is keeping yourself calm and maintaining superior composure.
  3. Effective and assertive communication – Always try to avoid interaction with aggressors unless and until you have to. To deal with this situation, strengthen your position by utilizing assertive communication skills.
  4. Keep yourself safe – One of the most important priorities is to protect yourself first; if you don’t feel comfortable in any situation, then the best option is to leave and always seek help if you need any support. You can contact social agencies contact law enforcement if you need to.
  5. Always try to share your experience with your close ones – People often hide their cases of adult bullying. The reasons for being silent may include fear, shame, embarrassment, helplessness, etc. But there is always one solution for these kinds of people: seeking out trustworthy friends, and the support you will receive may give you the strength to handle this bullying.
  6. Formalize your communication – Try to formalize your daily communication with the bully by putting things in writing, in a document file, or having a third party present as a witness and build a strong case of factual evidence against the aggressor who was bullying you.
  7. Pick your battles – If the frequency and severity of the bullying behavior are high, then make sure to completely avoid that person.
  8. Taking live online sessions – You can also attend live online sessions to overcome Adult bullying through the internet.


You can easily overcome bullying through communication. If you have the complete skill of communication, you may experience less grief, greater confidence, better relationships, and higher communication prowess.

Follow the methods mentioned above to overcome adult Bullying at your personal self. It will take time to follow these steps.

Say “NO” To Bullying

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