How To Fight Addiction In The Season Of COVID-19?

Fight Addiction

The addition has been affecting the youth of every country for decades now. In this pandemic situation, the effect of addiction has become prominent. Let’s see the measures that can be taken to fight against it & makes the world addiction-free, even in COVID-19.

What Is Addiction & How Many Types Does It Have?

Addiction means explicitly getting used to something or action to a considerable extent. Everyone knows that addiction or even a good habit can give bad results to the body and mind of people. Still, some people cannot resist their kind of addiction and get attracted to it more and more with each passing day.

Addiction is not only for a particular thing or object. It can also be associated with a habit that is understood to be impaired by people, yet they cannot resist it. In short, addiction can have numerous types, and some of them can be listed as follows-

  • Internet Addiction:

This is the worst yet most common addiction that today’s youth is attracted to. Because of the addiction to the Internet, money, time, and Efficiency of people are being wasted. Also, staring continuously at your computer, mobile, or TV screens can cause eye problems to people at a very young age.

  • Addiction To Either Making Or Eating Food:

Many people are addicted to eating or making food. Eating food constantly can cause obesity and overweight problems to the people, while cooking food constantly can cause aching in the muscles and bones.

  • Substantial Addiction:

Substantial addiction means having a habit of using a particular substance continuously. One of the most prominent cases of substance addiction is mobile and laptops; these devices are found in the hands of people almost 24 by 7 nowadays.

  • Addiction To Gambling:

Gambling is another worst addiction. Being addicted to gambling can cause significant financial losses to you. This may sometimes bankrupt or make you end up in jail because of the illegality of the same.

  • Sex-Related Addiction:

This is another terrible addiction that is spread like fire among the youth of today. Because of children’s exposure to porn & adult movies, they are attracted towards having sexual contacts practically and eventually find themselves addicted miserably to it.

Disadvantages Of Being Addicted To Something:-

Addiction has tremendous disadvantages, and some of the major ones can be listed in brief as follows-

  • Getting Attracted To Several Diseases:

Any physical addiction can make people easily prone to several severe diseases. These may include strokes, diabetes, cancer, and many others. These diseases are life-disturbing and do not spare people once they get stuck because of their addictions.

  • Weakening Of The Decision-Making Ability:

Addictions make people lose their thinking and decision-making ability. Reasoning needs the mind to be expected or stable. This is only possible when you are not addicted to anything. Addiction makes people think about that particular thing 24 by 7, which indirectly affects their ability to make decisions and prioritize things in their lives.

  • Addiction Puts You In A Delusional World:

Addiction to alcohol, cigarette, etc., causes people to lose their senses. Initially, this is only for some time. However, it increases eventually and finally comes to a point where the person slips into a Delusional world. This world is beautiful and as expected by the person, but, unfortunately, it is not real. It is just the person’s brain that constantly keeps imagining what the person wants to happen.

Effect Of COVID-19 Situation On Addiction:-

COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the economy and working of the whole world for the past 2 years. The effects of a pandemic are so extreme that it has killed millions of people worldwide till now and has affected the economy of all the countries very adversely. However, the worst effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred on people having addiction problems.

Substantially addicted people have much weaker immunity than ordinary people. For the same reason, it is noticed that these people have fallen prey to the pandemic much quickly. Also, many of them have lost their lives because their immune systems have not thrown coronavirus from their bodies. Also, highly addicted people have shown panic attacks and fainting because of not getting their regular supply. All this has contributed to chaos worldwide and has spread an important message of the need for an addiction-free future all over the world.

How To Fight Against Addiction In The COVID-19 Season?

Addiction is powerful when it infects a person. However, making these addicted people do all the means to remove the respective habits from their lives is very important. Following are some ways in which this can be possible with a bit of ease than usual-

  • Increase Your Mental Strength:

Perform Yoga and meditation regularly to increase your mental strength and to fight against your addiction all by yourself.

  • Eat A Balanced Diet:

Don’t compromise on a balanced diet. Otherwise, you will get attracted to various addictions and will cause great harm to your body. 

  • Engage Yourself In Fun Activities:

Fun activities will distract you from your addictions and will continue to keep your creativity active. So, engage yourself in all those activities that make you happy.

  • Pamper Yourself:

Make yourself happy in all the possible ways. This will help you take your mind away from your addiction to as much extent as possible.

  • Don’t Expose Yourself To Germs & Infections:

Exposing yourself to the germs & infections of COVID-19 and other diseases will make you weak both physically and mentally. So, make sure you stay away from these germs & infections.

  • Don’t Take Excessive Stress:

Don’t take too much stress. Have a relaxed life and think properly and from all sides before taking any decision. This will not cause any future troubles to you.


Getting rid of addiction takes a lot of time and determination from those who are prone to it. However, every citizen of the country is responsible for keeping themselves and their loved ones away from getting caught in this world of addiction. The dangers that addiction can bring into your lives are extreme and non-negotiable. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to prevent it from harming one of your loved ones.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah is the chief marketing officer at 99HealthIdeas.Com, and he is also a young enthusiastic writer who is gumptious and talented. He has sound analytical and technical skills. He is a blogger, Digital Marketing Expert who likes to write about health and fitness.

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