How To Enjoy Sun And Outdoors Safely?

Sun Protection Tips

It is everyone’s wish to go out and enjoy. Each climate has its advantage and disadvantage. When we consider the rainy season, the climate is cold and pleasant to experience. We can go out for an evening walk and enjoy ourselves. But when it rains heavily, we are forced to stay in our houses. When it comes to the summer season, it is far better since we do not have an unbearable summer in India. But still, when we expose ourselves to this Sun, we get some allergies and diseases that can be harmful. Here are some precautions that you can follow to avoid such things.

The harmful UV rays that are, the ultraviolet rays from the sun is found to be very damaging to our skin. Applying sunscreen lotions can serve our needs. It will decrease the possibilities of skin cancer and skin precancers. It even protects us from skin aging. Let us look in detail on how it protects us from the sun. It has some unique ingredients that can prevent us from Sunburns and skin dryness. The physical components include minerals, titanium oxide, and zinc oxide. These minerals scatter or distribute the rays before it falls on our skin. The chemical ingredients include the avobenzone and octisalate, which absorb the ultraviolet rays before they damage our skin. We must apply these sunscreen lotions every day to stay away from harmful diseases. They must be applied in the hands, legs, neck, feet, knees, and other places that are exposed to the sun. The most important thing amongst all the reasons is to drink plenty of water. This is general advice, and it is not only helpful during summer, but it also serves all our other purposes too. This prevents us from our body getting dehydrated and makes us feel energized at all times. The cells in our body require water to carry out any normal enzymatic functions or activities. Water can be taken in the form of fruits and vegetables too. Fresh juices and unsweetened lime water has plenty of water content in them. Vegetables like tomato, cucumber, bottle guard, and fruits like watermelon, musk melon are very water-rich sources. This is always advised to carry a bottle of water with us to any place we go to. Each and everyone must consume at least ten glasses of water per day. It is always advised to carry a bottle of water with us wherever we go.

Another way to protect ourselves is to wear coolers or sunglasses. As eyes are also exposed to Sun, if anything goes wrong with it, it is challenging to overcome the harmful disease. It is no possible to find the damage caused by the sunbeds or Sun pigments to our eyes. Some of the short term effects will be swelling, excessive blinking, cataracts, and cancer to the conjunctiva. It is advised to wear goggles or sunglass to avoid these serious problems. Another solution would be to wear a hat. They protect our eyes, neck, and face also. Including the forehead, nose, and ears, everything is safe and secured when a cap is worn. Our clothes matter a lot to stay protected from the Sun. Choosing the right one may satisfy our needs and requirements. Always go with a light color, and the material to be selected is cotton, linen, or hemp. These materials absorb our sweat and protect us from the sun.

Long sleeves, long skirts, trousers, and collars may give us more protection. It is not advised to go out during peak summers. Exposing ourselves during evenings, that is around four or five. It is believed that vitamin D from early morning Sun keeps us healthy. To stay protected from Sun, carrying an umbrella with us can also be very helpful. This also protects our entire body and helps us to stay safe and secured. Not only the skin, but care must also be taken for our lips too. Applying Vaseline or lip care can be useful, and this also prevents dryness of lips. We must know about our skin and how sensitive it is. So take precautions and measures to enjoy the sun and outdoors safely.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah
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