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How To Bike In The Heat – Essential Care Taking Tips For Bike Riders

Road trips are always fun and thrilling but we always have to take care of ourselves and motorbikes while driving in the heat. Safety comes first and always take your helmet, gloves etc. Also look for the right jacket and gloves with proper ventilation. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Always carry a first aid box during long road trips. Take care of your bike by using quality oil and coolant as well as choose a route where you can find gas stations and convenience stores.



Nothing gives you pleasure than sipping hot ginger tea in such a soft, breezy morning. And a view of sunrise at Lion point Lonavala is just a “Cherry on the Top.” I was soaking the hazy sunshine and enjoying the cold breeze, but my partner’s voice brought me back from tranquillity.

We, a group of six friends, planned a road trip in summer through the Western Ghats. Please don’t judge my mental sanity, I know biking in summer, that also in Maharashtra is not at all a wise idea. Managing time from a busy daily schedule is an art, and Yes, we all fail at that, and thus, we became Roadies in Summer. Few of us were back to Maharashtra after a reasonable span of Five years from another part of the Globe, so you may say mind played a trick over our brain and hijacked all our logic. We were confident about our planning and itinerary, but yes, we need to know Mother-nature is a great teacher. We should respect her for our own sake!

While coming back, I wanted to pen down my thoughts about the side effects or drawbacks of bike driving in heat or Summer!! So that we can prepare ourselves better next time. I hope my views or tips will be helpful for You too.

Road trips are always the most liked and thrilling time pass of us. With a few tips and guidelines, you can take better care of yourselves to maintain proper coolness and comfort of both you and your motorbike.

Few Points Which May Smoothen Your Bike Ride In Heat Are

Bike Ride In Heat

Choose your Ride machine smartly. No am not an automobile expert, but I know an efficient bike will ease your trip. Browse through various websites; you will get a clear idea about the machines.

I am not giving you a tip to buy a new machine, yes there are options for rentals. So again, choose a friendly and reliable location and get set for your road trip.

Safety Comes First

Bike Safety Tips

Never forget your safety gears no matter which season it is, Helmet, Gloves, Jacket, Boots are a must. The helmet is the utmost crucial riding attire needed for the open-air ride, to protect your most vulnerable part of your body. Choose a breathable helmet. Nowadays, the helmets are light weighted, ventilated, and sunray-equipped. Older helmets were excellent and lacked ventilation. Thus they were uncomfortable during the heat. But our generation is lucky enough to get the contemporary design.

Proper Clothing And Dress Code

Proper Clothing And Dress Code While Riding In Heat

Choose your inner clothing smartly that will help you to keep cool. Wear light-colored with adequate ventilation. Always make sure your inner cloth/ layer is light weighted and moisture-wicking to absorb sweat. That will also help to prevent heat binding discomfort.

Choose a breathable jacket. A jacket with proper ventilation will help to deal with humidity and heat protection both. Mesh textile, perforated leather work will be a good option, can make the riding experience cooler. That will give you maximum cooling effect due to wind resistance on the open road.

Choose well-ventilated gloves to avoid palm sweating. Palm perspiration should be prevented as you need a perfect grip on your motorbike. Stock up an extra pair of gloves. Again choose a perforated leather one. Nowadays, you will get special summer gloves, with back panels made up of meshed textiles. Check the buckles; they should be adjustable and flexible.

Now the textile industry has developed. Thanks to our textile engineers, who developed a new enhanced variety of textiles, which could lead to perspiration and protective enough for bike riding. So that you need not wear leather pants during the heat.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Keep yourselves hydrated. Make sure to travel with an adequate supply of water. Schedule your journey with pit stops. Take sufficient refreshment break to drink adequate water that will keep your body replenished.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol that will dehydrate you and will cause frequent urination due to diuretic property.

Personal Safety Requirements


Always carry a handy First – Aid Box. With essential medication and specific anti allergens of stings caused by the wasp, bee as these incidents are common in summer. Use Sun- Block cream generously.

Make sure to take proper pit stops, along with the long road trips. That will help to keep yourself rested, energetic, and fueled, and will minimize the trouble of heat exhaustion. But be cautious enough to beat the situation. If you notice any discomfort, inform your group, fellow traveler, or call for paramedics.

Take Care Of Your Bike

Take Care Of Your Bike

And last but not the least point is to take care of your bike. During summertime, precautions should be taken in advance of road trips. Engines are liable to get overheated, so check the oil cooler that must remain at its maximum efficiency, keep clean radiator and cooler.

Use quality oil and coolant. The coolant must be clean and free of impurities to give efficient cooling power. Check Your oil level at the proper interval of the journey, and keep refilling when needed.

Choose your route with enough gas stations and convenience stores.

Himanshu Shah is the chief marketing officer at 99HealthIdeas.Com, and he is also a young enthusiastic writer who is gumptious and talented. He has sound analytical and technical skills. He is a blogger, Digital Marketing Expert who likes to write about health and fitness.

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