Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Smelly Morning Breath

Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Morning Breath

You have had a peaceful sleep at night. You woke up active and rejuvenated, but as soon as you opened your mouth, you felt a gush of smelly breath. Now, it can be very frustrating to face anyone with this breath. Hence, you immediately brushed your teeth. But your mind will always be caught in the thought, what if my breath still smells terrible.

Bad breath can put you into a bad mood as soon as you start your day. In this article, we discuss six natural tips as per Ayurveda to get rid of bad breath.

Let us find out what causes bad breath and some long-term home remedies, which can help to get rid of it.

What Causes Bad Breath?

What Causes Bad Breath

Many reasons might lead to bad breath like respiratory infections, poor oral hygiene, certain foods like onion, coffee, garlic, etc. It is also interesting to note that bad breath does not result only due to oral hygiene but also depends on the health of your lungs, stomach, and gut. There could also be the possibility of bad breath due to indigestion or toxins being accumulated in the body.

Six Remedies For Bad Morning Breath

  1. Gargling With Salt Water:

Gargling With Salt Water

Salt is an agent that purifies the area it enters. If done every morning, it can flush down toxins and bacteria inside the mouth or throat. Take a tablespoon of salt, mix it in a warm glass of water, and gargle it for around a minute. This good habit will also help you to prevent cold and cough.

  1. Benefits Of Fennel Seeds:

Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds provide a wide variety of benefits including, antibacterial properties, and can cure various respiratory ailments. Fennel seeds also have a cooling effect overall, and chewing these seeds raw is a nice way to get a refreshing breath along with digestion benefits. You can also dry roast these seeds on medium heat until you get a distinct aroma and then consume them.

  1. Adequate Water Intake:

Adequate Water Intake

Water helps in flushing down the accumulated toxins in your mouth, thereby keeping the bad breath away. When you keep sipping water, the food substances stuck in the mouth get washed away along with any bacteria, which could lead to serious oral problems.

  1. Tongue Cleaning:

Tongue Cleaning

You may have sometimes noticed a thick white layer of ama or toxins that forms on top of the tongue, and this can be due to weak digestion. It is essential to scrape out this layer with any stainless steel or copper tongue cleaner regularly. The best way is to begin at the back of the tongue and then slowly scrape it towards the front.

  1. Tea Infused With Tulsi:

Tea Infused With Tulsi

When you add tulsi or basil leaves to your tea, it is not only extremely beneficial for reducing bad breath but also for a variety of benefits, including supporting the health of your lungs, reducing fever, digestion benefits, etc. However, it is to be noted that if you are pregnant or are planning to conceive, then avoid tulsi tea as it may have adverse effects.

  1. Mixing Honey With Ginger Juice:

Mixing Honey With Ginger Juice

If you do not prefer chemicals to solve your morning breath issues, then a good home remedy is to mix honey with ginger juice. Again, honey, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, will have multiple benefits along with refreshing breath for the entire day.

Final words

Digestion plays a vital role in determining how your breath smells, and hence, it is essential to improve it for a long-term solution of bad breath. Improve your digestion by following a healthy diet regime along with regular exercise and the above home remedies. If you still feel that nothing is working out and there is foul breath, it can indicate something bigger. In such cases, it is recommended to seek a doctor’s advice.

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