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The pandemic has made everyone oomph up their at-home workout game. While some people actually had the time and resources to stock up essential equipment needed to sweat it out at home, most of us have been left clueless as to how to get back to our daily workout routine until we can hit the gym again. Fear not, here is a list of tried and tested household items that double as workout equipment, just enough to keep you in shape after all those extra calories you just keep gobbling upon during this lockdown.

  1. A Wall:

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We are pretty sure EVERYONE has access to at least four of these at home. Add variation to your pushups by doing them against a wall, and be assured that those arms and shoulders are soon going to get pumped up.

  1. Bath Towels:

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No yoga mat? Don’t worry. Place a turkey towel on the floor and get your body moving! One might not be enough to give sufficient cushioning, so try adding another to make it more comfortable. You might have the most relaxing Shavasana laying on these towels.

  1. Hand Towels:

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Add a challenge to your usual mountain climbers or planks by using hand towels as sliders under your hand or feet.

  1. Water Bottles:

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The most common replacement for dumbbells, filled water bottles can be used to do just about any workout that involves lifting weights.

  1. Chairs:

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We sure miss our benches and foam blocks, but grab a sturdy chair (no, don’t sit on it!) and get going with your triceps curls and raised planks or pushups.

  1. A Backpack:

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Take a stroll on your terrace or within your house while strengthening your body. All you need to do is fill your bag pack with some heavy objects and you’ll have your own weighted vest.

  1. Staircase:

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A staircase is a God gifted cardio machine. Climbing up and down for even 30 minutes will boost up your VO2 max and burn up calories like fire.

  1. Door Frame:

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Do you know what qualifies your burpee as a proper burpee? The jump, of course. Use a door frame and try to tap it with every jump. Just like giving it a high five with both hands at the completion of one successful burpee (boy, do they hurt!).

  1. Couch:

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Work on your glutes by placing your heels on the couch with your back on the floor. Now get going with all bridge exercises you can think of.

  1. The Bed:

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Yes, you read that right! You can do some balance building exercises right in the morning, or just before going to bed. Start out by trying some single-leg deadlifts. The unstable surface will challenge and stabilize muscles.

Now you can make your workouts even more interesting and keep yourself motivated by switching it up every now and then and using things that are available at your house itself and add variety. Happy working out!

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shahhttps://www.99healthideas.com/author/himanshu/
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