Foot Care Tips In Rainy Season

Foot Care Tips

Have you ever noticed that your feet meet with much more allergies and infections in the rainy season than in other seasons? That may be because of mud, bacteria, and some other reasons. Let’s have a detailed look at the relation between our feet and the rainy season.

Relation Between Our Feet And Rainy Season:-

Relation Between Our Feet And Rainy Season

Rainy season and our clear and allergy-free feet are inversely proportional aspects. In the rainy season, everyone suffers from some feet problems or the other without any doubt. However, these effects can be stated in 3-4 primary types. These types are listed as follows-

  • Fungal Infection:

Any fungal infection is attracted by your feet very instantly. This results in sore, wounded, and disordered feet throughout the rainy season. These feet also ache a lot and gives footwear issues to people.

  • Visibility Of Athlete Foot Symptoms:

An athlete’s foot is a condition when your foot gets swollen tremendously. There exist many symptoms of an athlete’s foot, and they are visible greatly in the rainy season itself.

  • Allergies:

Due to the microbes and other harmful things present in the stuck rainwater, your feet may suffer from different types of allergies and infections that may sometimes lead to permanent damage.

Due to the occurrence of any of the above types of feet damage during the rainy season, the normal life of people may get quite disturbed. Therefore, reducing the intensity of these occurrences is very important for better feet health. Also, some specific things should be avoided in the rainy season if you want to keep your feet away from any dangerous infection or allergy.

Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Feet From Smelling During Rainy Season:-

Foot Cleaning

Bad smelling feet attract more bacteria and microbes than normal feet. That is why people should implement as many ways to avoid bad-smelling feet as possible. Below are some things that you should avoid during your feet so that they don’t smell during the rainy season at all.

  • Don’t Ignore Your Open Wounds:

If you have some open wounds on your feet, then immediately apply a bandage to it. Don’t let your wounds remain open, at least during the rainy season. This will ensure that no microorganism can enter your feet and start damaging them at all.

Also, constant dressing of your wounded feet should be done so that the old bandage does not harm it and create troubles and pains to your feet.

  • Don’t Expose Your Feet Frequently To Dust:

Dust is another bad agent that influences your feet very adversely. Nowadays, 95 out of 100% of people have dust allergies, because of which their feet become prone to a lot of rashes and infections. In such a situation, exposing your feet to constant dust should be avoided, especially during the rainy season. Also, wet dust (mud) is much more harmful than dry dust. So, make sure to keep your feet away from getting into mud or too much dust.

  • Don’t Put Your Footwear In The Shoe Rack Immediately After Use:

Let your Footwear dry up a little before putting it into the shoe rack after coming from outside. This way, no microbial activity will take place in your Footwear while it is wet and kept in the dark and closed place. This way, when you use that Footwear again after some days, no microbial activity will be there, and your feet will be completely safe from any infection.

  • Don’t Use The Same Footwear Every Day:

The rainy season is a very crucial season for your body’s outside exposure. As we make sure to wear different clothes every day while going out, in the rainy season, you should also ensure that you use different Footwear every day. Never try to repeat the same Footwear for two or more consecutive days, otherwise, your feet will keep absorbing the rainwater present in your Footwear & this will start harming your feet.

All the above things are very easily achievable and provide good health to your feet. Apart from these options, some other foot care tips should also be known and implemented by you. These will ensure 100% feet protection and no damage or harm caused to feet during the whole period of the rainy season.

Foot Care Tips In Rainy Season:-

Below are some effective foot care tips that can be used in the rainy season by people to prevent their feet from getting adversely affected, either temporarily or permanently-

  • Make Use Of Footwear That Is Open:


Use open and airy Footwear during the rainy season. If you are a sportsperson, then keep removing your Footwear during breaks & let your feet get some fresh air from time to time.

  • Use Foot Masks For Detoxifying Your Feet:

The detoxification process is not only effective for the body but also for the feet. Detoxifying your feet will remove all the bad agents causing harm to them and will make your feet refreshed and rejuvenating back again.

  • Treat The Sore Skin Of Your Feet Properly:

If you have sore foot skin, then make sure to treat it properly and well in time. If ignored, this skin will attract fungal and bacterial activities on the feet and will decrease the softness of feet skin to the fullest.

  • Use Talcum Powder On Your Feet Regularly:

Talcum powder can be effectively used to dry up the wet pores of your feet. If you are close to getting some allergy because of wet feet, then using talcum powder will prevent this from happening. The use of talcum powder will help in absorbing all the moisture from your feet and will make them dry and microbe-free.

  • Soak Feet In Hot Water:

Soaking your feet in hot water for at least 15 minutes kills all the growing bacteria on your feet and refreshes it to the fullest. It also provides relaxation to not only your feet but the whole body.

  • Bleaching Your Feet From Time To Time Helps Greatly:

Bleach your feet at least once a week so that it remains clean and intact. The softness of your feet will also be maintained properly, and you will experience fresh and energetic skin to be regenerated faster on your feet.

The above tips should be taken into proper consideration by the people. These tips are your guide towards protecting your feet and keeping them away from getting damped or hurt during the rainy season to as much extent as possible.

Wrap Up

All the foot care tips are effective when they are continued throughout the rainy season. Skipping any of your routines, whether it is a foot cleaning routine or diet routine, can also affect badly on your feet. You may think that there’s no relation between feet and diet. But, our dietary factors also affect the health of our feet. So, continue your diet properly and take all the precautionary measures for good foot health before it’s too late.

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