Facts You Should Know About Supplements

To carry out day-to-day activities, your body requires certain nutrients, which helps in forming new tissues, metabolic activities, prevents injuries, and organ functioning. These supplements act as a prevention layer in case there is any deficiency.

But are the supplements essential?

Food Supplements

A regular supply of all the nutrients is quite essential, and often, their unavailability can result in various diseases. It is at these points that supplements come to rescue. Suppose you are fortunate enough to receive all the nutrients in your diet and are still taking supplements just for ‘fun’ than you might get into serious trouble. In case of inadequate supply, it is only then supplements are taken that too after consulting a doctor as their procurement must be limited to a certain amount. It is best to take some advice before buying such supplements.

Almost all the supplements are available in the market, but it is best to take them under the following conditions:


During pregnancy, your hormones become quite active, and an inadequate supply of nutrients is bound to happen. It is at this point that you might get fewer nutrients because of their high requirement. It is recommended that supplements of iron and vitamins can be taken to improve the baby’s health.

Unable To Gain Weight

Rather than increasing your fat percentage, it is recommended that you should opt to gain muscle as it is healthier. Supplements such as protein shake and weight gainers help you to increase your weight. Certain supplements help you to exercise harder, ultimately helping you to gain muscle.

Certain Diseases

Some supplements often recommended by doctors in case of many diseases. For example, magnesium supplements are quite common for patients who are suffering from kidney based diseases. Supplements, when taken during any ailment in the required amount, benefit the patient, and helps him recover faster.


In the initial years, it is difficult to cope up with the required nutrients as result supplements are recommended to children from 6 months to 4 years old.

Side Effects Of Some Supplements

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements, when taken extensively, can result in nausea, fatigue, and headache. Protein supplements are usually taken by gym addicts to increase muscle gain, but their consumption must be prescribed.

Vitamin Supplements

The chances are that if you overdose the consumption of vitamin supplements, problems like cramps, diarrhea, and nausea are bound to happen. An extensive consumption can lead to dysfunction of certain organs, especially the liver and heart. Effects may also include mild nerve damage and hair fall.

Precautions To BeTaken

  • Supplements must be taken only after a prescription, so know the exact quantity.
  • If you are receiving a perfect diet, no need to take supplements just for the sake of ‘trying.’
  • If possible, complete your daily nutrient requirements with a healthy food diet. Use supplements only when necessary. Don’t get carried away.

Supplements are both boon and a bane according to our needs. It is crucial to understand that they should be consumed only when of utmost importance and not just to fit into a certain culture. The above-listed points must be taken into consideration to make an informed decision.

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