Facts And Myths About Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Your decision to donate blood can save anyone’s life. Thus, never shy away from donating blood. If you don’t have any prevalent medical conditions, try not to skip the process of blood donation.

Do you know, if you donate blood once, you can save up to three lives? We hope you are aware of these facts about blood donation because there are unlimited myths about blood donation. As per WHO, blood can be stored only up to a particular duration. Thus, it is advisable to donate blood so that lives can be saved.

In this section, we will make an effort to inform you about different facts and myths associated with blood donation.

Blood Donation Will Reduce The Amount Of Blood

In a single phase of blood donation, only 500 ml of blood. Thus, you will have almost 4.5 liters of blood remaining in your body. In addition to this, your body will also replenish the remaining blood quickly. If you hydrate properly after blood donation, your blood will recover within a few hours.

People May Get Coronavirus Due To Blood Donation

This is the most common myth associated with blood donation in the present pandemic situation. Most people fear that donation of blood will cause covid-19 infection. But, the reality is that not even a single case of coronavirus infection has been found due to blood donation. Blood donation is a kind act, especially in the present circumstances when patients are in urgent need of plasma (which is a component of blood).

People Pass Out After The Donation Of Blood

This is another myth related to the donation of blood. After the process is complete, donors remain in the same state as they come. If by chance, someone faints after blood donation, it is not because of blood loss. The reason may be related to dehydration or gas. Thus, you should try to hydrate yourself and have a wholesome meal after blood donation.

Blood Donation Is A Painful Process

Among the major myths associated with blood donation, painful experience is the most common myth. No doubt, you may feel a tingling sensation while donating the blood. But, overall, you don’t have to worry about too much pain in the process. Pain is caused only when the needle is inserted into the arm. After blood donation, you will have a beautiful feeling in your heart because you have done a kind act.

Blood Donation May Cause HIV Or Hepatitis B

Most people don’t donate blood because they fear contracting the HIV virus or Hepatitis B virus. You can’t contract a virus unless you come in contact with a patient who is infected with the same virus. All blood donation centers use sterilized needles for the donation of blood. After that, the needle is discarded quickly. Thus, there are zero chances of getting any type of bacterial or viral infection.

Blood Donation Takes Time

If you feel you will lose extra time in the donation process, you are mistaken. Blood donation doesn’t need more than 30 minutes. Since no complications are involved in the process, you will get back to work immediately after donation. Blood donation also takes just a little chunk out of your busy schedule. Thus, you don’t have a reason to complain about your lack of time to donate blood.

You Can’t Donate Blood If You Have High Cholesterol

This is another major myth that concerns blood donation. There are conditions like HIV and Hepatitis that may disqualify you from donating blood. But, high levels of cholesterol are certainly not a reason. You can easily donate blood if you are healthy and if you have the correct blood pressure level.

Thus, try not to pay attention to all these myths associated with blood donation and donate blood as it is an actual act of kindness.


Blood donation is one of the kindest works ever. Transfusion of blood happens every two minutes. Try to donate blood as it doesn’t cause any harm to your body. Your body can easily replenish the lost blood. Try not to shy away from this act of kindness.

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