Excessive Use Of Ipill Creates Health Issues?

Can Ipill Creates Health Issues?

Nowadays, you will see several lifestyles and sexual changes taking place in the world. Most women are also caught in complex and unnecessary situations, which will lead them to an unwanted future. Ipill is mainly made for protecting from unplanned pregnancy. This is also called the morning pill for several women. This is the best solution to dismiss the unplanned pregnancy.

This pill is used for different emergency contraceptive cases such as condom failure and unplanned sex. You should also know that this pill should be used as the backup plan for the pregnancy, but most women use these pills as a pre-plan to avoid pregnancy conditions. This is not the ideal way to use the pills. In the past, these pills were not available in every shop, but today, you can buy these pills anywhere. It will lead to harmful sexual behavior, and in many cases, it will invite unplanned pregnancy.

You should also know that increasing demand for these pills will lead you to severe sexual diseases like HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, etc. Because of the availability of these pills on every counter, women are ending up with a high dose of medications. Women also use these pills for the replacement of low doses of the medicines.

Using Ipill should be done only to a particular limit. Otherwise, something disturbing can indeed happen with your body. If you are unsure about the circumstances, check this article where we have highlighted everything related to excessive use of iPill.

How Does It Work?

As we know that ipill is also known as the emergency pill. It contains levonorgestrel which is a synthetic hormone. It will help to stop the releasing egg from the ovary before the menstrual cycle. It will help you to avoid unplanned pregnancy if you take this in the morning because of emergencies. When you take these pills early in the menstrual cycle, it will create unfavorable conditions in the woman’s womb, preventing pregnancy.

This pill has to be taken within 72 hours after the sexual intercourse, and it is also available in one and two sets of pills.

Effectiveness: –

When it comes to the results of the ipill, it will provide you with 90% of the effectiveness bit you should also know that it will come with the 10% failure chances. It all depends upon when you take the pill after sexual intercourse. The consumption of the pill has to be sooner after the consumption of the pill. When you take the pill early, it will give more effect than usual, but it will provide you with more chances of failure if you forgot to take the pill after the emergency.

If you are looking for more effectiveness, you have to take the pill within 24 hours after the intercourse.

Side Effects: –

When it comes to the high dose of the pill will lead you to several side effects, which will cause many health issues. The ipill will come with a high amount of the hormone, such as the levonorgestrel. It will affect the normal menstrual cycle of women because of the high dose of the hormone. It will also give false alarms several times, and it will be higher the chances of failures.

In some cases, women will lead to irregular bleeding, or the other month’s menstrual cycle will be delayed. Most women commonly face nausea, vomiting, and breast discomfort, which will disrupt their everyday lifestyle. For avoiding some of the side effects, you should take the antiemetic before taking the contraceptive pills.

As we know that the pill will give a 10% chance of failure. That’s why some of the women will lead to a pregnancy. But because of the irregular bleeding, women will have a false secure alarm, and sometimes it will be late for the diagnosis of the pregnancy. You should also know that the pregnancy will be safe and a problem when the pill does not work in some cases. It will be like a normal pregnancy.

Several women do not know about the other contraceptive methods because of the high demand for these ipills. They think that this is one and the only contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy. The main side effect of taking a high dose of these pills is that it will lower the chances of getting pregnant. If you take these pills regularly for about a year, you will have only a probability of 20% getting pregnant. And if you use it for several years, it will be only 1%. Some of the studies also describe that it will go to the 0.1% chances of getting pregnant at the end. Every woman should know these side effects before start taking the pills regularly.

There are several standard contraceptive methods that you can find in the market. If you are looking for a long-term result to avoid pregnancy, this is the best option, but if you search for short-term effects, use these pills only in an emergency. Please do not make it a regular habit because a high dose of the hormone will lead you to various health issues.

Things To Take Care Of: –

Whenever you take ipills, you have to take care of other things you will face in the morning. In some cases, women vomit after taking the pills. If you vomit between the three hours of taking the medications, you should go to the doctor. Sometimes, the pill is not absorbed by your body rapidly, so taking advice from your doctor is the best solution.

This contraceptive pill is only helpful after intercourse. It can’t protect you from future intercourse. You should also know that if you take the pill and after taking the pill shortly after you have sexual intercourse, it will not protect you from an unplanned pregnancy.


Nowadays, every woman tries to avoid unplanned pregnancy because of lifestyle changes and different careers. They choose only this option to avoid pregnancy. Before using any contraceptive method, you should know how to use it and how it works in your system. The side effects of the i-pill will also give knowledge of using the i-pill appropriately. You should be aware of any side effects and make sure that you take these pills only in emergency cases.

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