Everything You Need To Know About Silent Stroke

Silent Stroke

A silent stroke occurs more commonly if we compare it to the other strokes. From the research, it is proved that most of the time, mid-aged people are at higher risk of having this stroke. Although the damage happens because the stroke is permanent, having some lifestyle changes will lower the level of damage.

A stroke will commonly affect your physical abilities, such as slurring speech and body movement. But when it comes to a silent stroke, then you have to know that it is nothing like a normal stroke. In this type of stroke, you will not be able to take whether you are having a stroke or not. In simpler words, you will not get any symptoms that indicate that you are having a stroke. Commonly stroke occurs because suddenly, blood circulation stops in some part of your brain, which leads to a lack of oxygen and can also damage your brain cells.

When your brain cells do not get enough oxygen, they will stop working and giving orders. This can affect slower every physical movement, and you will also go through memory problems. You should also know that the reason behind the symptoms of his breakdown is not noticeable because when a stroke occurs, it will only damage the area of your brain, which does not control any visible functions of your body. In most cases, people get analyzed with this stroke when they take tests for different conditions, such as CT scans or MRIs.

Damage Caused By Silent Stroke:-

Heart Problems

If you think that the damages of silent stroke are not significant as their symptoms, then you are wrong. Because the chances of getting a silent stroke are more than the normal type of stroke, and it will also come with several damages. As we know, it will damage the small part of your brain because of less blood supply to that area. When it stops working, it will get damaged permanently. You will not be able to reverse the damage when you are diagnosed with a silent stroke.

Brain image is the only option to know that you had a silent stroke; that’s why it is hard to realize it sooner. Every damage that occurs due to a stroke to your brain is permanent. You can’t go back in time. In some cases, people go through several strokes, and after some time, they will begin to show some neurological symptoms. People with strokes will have a hard time remembering things and will also not be able to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Because of these symptoms, the routine will get disturbed by the patients.

Several studies have shown that if you have a silent stroke continuously, then it will lead you to a further complicated stroke type, such as the symptomatic stroke. You should also mike that having a silent stroke is very common in the world. The study showed that in 2003, people at the age of 70 had a silent stroke once in their life.

Causes Of Silent Stroke:-

Following are some common causes that will higher the risk of you getting a heart stroke. By knowing the causes of silent strokes, you will be able to control them and make sure that you will never have a stroke in the future.

  • Increasing the number of blood clots in your cells increases blood pressure; therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t have any blood clots in your system.
  • Because of the stress and anxiety, you will face a sudden increase in your blood pressure.
  • When your arteries get narrowed, then it will also lead to blood pressure. It can happen because of an irregular or unhealthy diet.
  • Consumption of high cholesterol is also one of the reasons to get a silent stroke.
  • Having a diabetes condition will also lead you to severe damage from a silent stroke.

Symptoms Of The Silent Stroke:-

As we know, the symptoms of a silent stroke are not noticeable, but there are some common symptoms which you will notice, but you will feel like it is happening because of ageing. In most cases, it is diagnosed through a CT scan and MRI. You will see a white spot in the brain which will denote the damaged part of the brain.

  • You will have balancing issues concerned with your body. It will take as the symptoms of ageing.
  • You will fall frequently due to weakness and loss of blood circulation to the brain.
  • You will also face sudden urine leakage.
  • Suddenly face mood swings which can disturb your daily routine.
  • You will not be able to concentrate, and it will destroy your ability to think.

Things To Take Care Of:-

As we know, the damage of a silent stroke is more than you think, and it is permanent. Although it is hard to notice that you are having a silent stroke, it is possible to prevent it from happening. There are some lifestyle changes that you have to go through, but they will give good results when it comes to silent stroke.

Following are some essential things that you have to take care of if you want to stay away from the silent stroke:-

  • First, the most important thing is to control your blood pressure. This will prevent from happening the silent stroke.
  • Doing regular exercise will help you to keep your mind calm and body fit. It will make your body physically active, which will lower the chances of a silent stroke.
  • You should also look for sodium intake because if you consume more sodium, you will end up with high blood pressure.

Controlling your cholesterol level will also help you in staying away from a stroke.


Silent stroke is surely various dangerous, especially in people who have heart problems by birth. This type of stroke can result in causing great damage to the bodies of people, so keeping yourself healthy and active is the only way to eliminate it. You should also keep a regular check on your health and not neglect any unusual activity in it. Keep your health in check and avoid any chances of silent strokes before they occur.

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