Eating Diet And Nutrition For Constipation

Our body is designed to serve as a shield against the outdoor environment. Proper intake of nutrients, a healthy lifestyle, and positive ambiance makes sure that everything stays intact.

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But, at times, we forget that even things can go wrong internally. One such condition is called constipation.

Constipation is a situation in which our bowel movements become less functional and starts struggling on their own. In this, our digestive system loses its ability to process food, making stools challenging to pass. In such a situation, one finds it difficult to go to the loo and experience specific pain or irritation in the abdomen region. This may happen due to several reasons:

Improper Intake Of Nutrients:

Our digestive tracks play an essential role, and their functioning must be sterling. When our regular diet is insufficient to provide specific nutrients at times, constipation is bound to happen. Fiber here plays a significant role. Fiber promotes bowel movements and increases the efficiency of our digestive system. Lack of fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits, and nuts may result in constipation.

Not Using Loo When Necessary:

It is essential to excrete your waste at regular intervals to avoid accumulation. When not using the loo, our waste gets collected in our digestive tracks and reduces its efficiency. This, when taken place in a prolonged period, results in constipation.

Change In Lifestyle:

If you travel for any purpose, you must be familiar with the concept. When we travel for a long time, our entire lifestyle changes, ranging from eating habits to sleeping schedules. This is followed by an improper supply of nutrients resulting in constipation.

Use Of Certain Medications:

People, when engaged in some kind of medications, may experience constipation. People with diabetes and blood pressure often have to go through regular medicines, and these medicines might not fit your digestion process. In such cases, constipation is bound to occur. This condition, however, is not so common and is not a matter of concern. But aging people (especially those who are taking high medications) must be informed regarding the effects.

How To Treat Constipation

Though constipation seems a more significant problem and can create blunders, several steps can help you in curing constipation. All these methods are home remedies and do not require much effort.

Sufficient Intake Of Nutrients:

Your diet plays a significant role in curing constipation. In the majority of the cases, constipation takes place due to the insufficient supply of fiber. Fiber being an essential nutrient for our digestive system induces your bowel movements and improves efficiency. Whole grains, beans, and oats are examples of high fiber food, making stool easier to pass through your system.

Exercise Or Massage:

In the time of constipation, try doing some exercise or massage your abdomen area. This will help you in creating blood flow and throughout your abdomen and will help stimulate your bowels.

Constipation is quite common with people of irregular diet plans. Often our organs internally find it hard to function when not provided with appropriate nutrients. Make sure you have a high intake of fiber to avoid constipation.

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Preeti Shah
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