Early Arthritis Warnings You Must Not Ignore

Joint pain is one common way of referring to arthritis whereas there are more than 100 types of arthritis conditions existing. If one can diagnose it at an early stage, the condition may improve over time. It is advisable to note the early warnings. Let’s deeply understand arthritis conditions and their symptoms.

Arthritis Warnings

Arthritis is one such condition that affects the immune system resulting in joint inflammation and painful body movements. The pain is usually more around the joints like wrists, feet.

Medical science has yet not found the complete cure for arthritis but its effect can be reduced by certain physiotherapy treatments. And if diagnosed at an early stage, it would be easier to treat. So, below mentioned are some of the arthritis symptoms that you must not ignore.

  1. Painful Joints

Pain in the joints is one of the most common symptoms to diagnose arthritis. The pain may occur generally in areas around your hands and feet. This happens due to inflammation as the joint linings expand. For expansion, an excess amount of joint fluid is secreted causing pressure to the surrounding nerve endings thus resulting in joint pain.

  1. Tender Joints

As a result of joint pain, you may also feel tender joints. The base areas of your joints can feel sore and tender. The pain may be so excruciating that even walking may seem difficult.

  1. Stiff Joints 

Joint stiffness may occur at an early stage of arthritis. This may cause difficulty in straightening or bending hands or feet.

  1. Swollen Joints

As the joint inflammation increases, the joints may start swelling as the blood vessels expand in the affected areas. 

  1. Numbness

People having arthritis may also experience numbness or tingling sensation. This may not necessarily point towards arthritis condition but if it’s followed by swollen joints or nerve compression, it may be a warning sign for arthritis.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue may also mean arthritis. But it is one such symptom that is not easily diagnosable. Fatigue may occur due to several other reasons as well. But if you face unexplainable fatigue even after proper sleep and rest, it may serve as a warning sign for you.

  1. Mild Fever

Arthritis patients may also experience fever frequently. But fever is not the symptom on which you must diagnose yourself as an arthritis patient. The occurrence of fever can be due to numerous reasons. So, to understand whether the fever is indicating the arthritis condition or not, you have to go through a medical diagnosis.

  1. Weight Loss 

Weight loss may happen due to inflammation. If you experience a sudden weight loss along with fever and fatigue ness, you may consider it as a warning sign. 


Joint pain and joint swelling are the most common symptoms to diagnose arthritis. You must note your body conditions carefully before arriving at any sort of conclusion. And also, noticing conditions at an early stage may help you take better preventive measures. However, you must always go through a qualified diagnosis and not just start any measures based on assumptions.

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