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Does Weather Affect Your Digestion? Stomach And Rainy Season

This article talks about the interconnection between the rainy season and our gut. The majority of the people are unaware as to how engaging ourselves in bad habits makes us vulnerable and impacts our digestive activities—these habits, when continued longer, cause problems of excretion and gas. There exists an urgent need for adapting the above-mentioned dos and don’ts to reduce our appointments with the doctor.



Does Weather Affect Your Digestion? Stomach And Rainy Season

Don’t you all love the rainy season? A blow of refreshing air alongside the smell of earth drains out all the tensions and anxiety within us. But little do you know that it brings along several human problems.

Stomach And Rainy Season

Besides giving us relief from the sweltering heat, the rainy season impacts us hard. Several age groups get affected, and a majority of the implications can be seen within our gut.

The rainy season often weakens our gut and results in several gastrointestinal problems.

Stomachaches, gas problems, and improper excretion are some of the most common among all.

There are hundreds of reasons to reach this state, such as not adapting to the changing environment, having too much outside food, eating unhealthy food, etc. All these factors result in food-borne diseases and allergies, causing problems in our belly. Furthermore, increasing humidity makes things worse. An increase in humidity levels reduces our ability to digest food. As a result, all the oily and fried food must be avoided in the rainy season.

Our gut serves quite essential roles in building and maintaining the immunity system. A vulnerable state of our belly can result in further deteriorating other body organs, thereby decreasing our immunity levels.

At the peak of the rainy season where our body is highly exposed to bacterias and diseases, it is crucial to take care of not only our gut but the entire digestive system. Mentioned-below tare some of Do’s and Don’t’s that you must follow to prevent diseases.


  • Choose easily digestible food. Consume more and more fruits and vegetables to keep a good digestive tract.
  • Do not overeat in the rainy season. Take light meals, especially after sunset. Light meals get easily digested and therefore helps indigestion.
  • Consume more herbal teas such as green tea and chamomile tea. These teas will help you in digestion and boosts immunity levels.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins from your body. High water maintains the flow of blood circulation and makes your organs more effective.
  • Raw food causes stomachache in our belly, which leads to various bacterial infections. Consume all the food and vegetables perfectly boiled and cooked.
  • After every meal, take a 5-minute walking session to digest your food completely and efficiently.
  • Eat more probiotics such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and buttermilk. They help in nutrition absorption and are gut-friendly.


  • Try to avoid seafood in the rainy season. The water often gets contaminated and cause diarrhea.
  • Try to avoid oily food as much as possible. Especially if you are a teenager, these foods can harm your gut, causing problems like acidity and indigestion.
  • Avoid all the unhealthy liquids from outside, such as cold drinks. Instead, prepare yourself some fresh juices at home. Homemade juices go a long way and can help you build immunity in the rainy season.
  • Avoid drinking milk at night. Dairy products like milk are quite heavy and take time to digest. Drinking milk in the morning is recommended by professionals.

You may love street food, but during the rainy season, they are a big no. Try eating healthy home food and drinks.

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