Consequences Of Poor Immunity

Poor Immunity

Consequences of poor Immunity result in reducing the body’s ability to fight against the foreign agents entering into the body. A flawed immune system results in diseases both curable and non-curable.

Cancer, tumor, TB, and other contagious and non-contagious diseases are mainly caused due to poor fighting spirit of the body against harmful germs. The foreign particle entering the body initially fights with the immune system before coming into effect. Therefore having a stable and flexible immunity is a vital need for healthy living.

Understand Immune System

Immunity is the ability of the physical body to fight against the external agents entering the body. These agents can be dirt, viruses, bacterias, microbes, or other celestial elements in the air. The major inlets of their arrival are the nose, mouth, skin, ears, and sometimes the genital parts of the body too.

How Does The Immune System Work?

Our body comprises two types of blood cells: the red blood cells and the white blood cells. It’s the WBC who attacks the foreign agent when entered into the body. Our body’s WBC tries to break the shell of the foreign particle. Breaking the outer coverage reduces the capability of the agent to cause harmful effects on the body. During this process, the temperature of the body rises. However, if your immune system is sound, then definitely the foreign particle will be defeated.

If your immune system is insufficient, then the foreign agent will attack the specific organ/part of the body and grow. This results in diseases and gives adverse effects on the body. Therefore it is very crucial to have a solid and flexible immune system.

The Significant Consequences Of Poor Immunity Are As Follows:

  1. Weakness:

With poor immunity body becomes deficient in gaining energy and standing back, defeating diseases and other problems—the growth of body limits. A person becomes ill physically and mentally too. Drowsy and lazy feelings empower humans in this case.

  1. Dehydration:

As the foreign agents can now easily make a person host and survive, the moisture and hydration level of the body increases. In this case, whatever you drink doesn’t meet the requirement of the body. The body needs excess water and food in this case. However, the nutrients and proteins cannot reach ultimately every body part of the body.

  1. Frequent Fever:

WBC in the body tries its Level best to defeat the foreign agent. As mentioned above, during this process, the temperature of the body increases. Fever is the outcome of that. The frequent attempts of WBC on foreign agents keep our bodies at higher temperatures for a long time. This makes the cell clumsy, and thus one feels like having a fever. It is frustrating, as it seems like drowning apart.

  1. Poor Metabolism:

Thyroid, Diabetes, and other culprits may enter your body due to the flawed immune system. This reduces the metabolic Level of the body and makes you look weak.

  1. Easy Attack Of Viruses And Bacterias:

Viruses and bacterias can quickly attack the body. The prone regions can be the liver, heart, breast, pancreas, and internal systems, including respiratory and neural. Your body becomes an open shelf with a flawed immune system.

  1. Allergies:

As fighting spirit ends, allergies are welcomed. Dust, smell, food, cloth allergies may develop. Allergies aren’t good for the sensory organs of the body. It limits your activity and including the activities you wish to enjoy.

  1. Sensitivity:

A person gets more sensitive to the atmosphere nearby and environmental changes. Whatever he or she eats gets affected on the skin and internal body systems. Sensitivity is the state of instant reaction on the body, especially on the vital areas like skin, mental state, and respiratory system.

  1. Reduced Physical Strength:

A weak immune system results in a reduction of strength day by day. The calorie build-up ratio reduces, and it becomes challenging to exert energy and work out daily. Thus, immune system development becomes crucial to keep yourself adaptable and robust enough to beat every change occurring in the outer and inner world.

  1. Prone To Life-Threatening Diseases:

As mentioned earlier, most life-threatening diseases occur due to inadequate immune systems. The recent case of the Covid pandemic made it clear how our immunity is essential to destroy the virus entered inside our body.

  1. Stamina And Concentration Issues:

Occasionally, getting ill makes one feel vulnerable. The calm of mind gets disturbed, and one couldn’t be optimistic about whatever is happening in the world. One couldn’t feel healthier and carefree about medicines and other precautions.


In today’s pandemic time, therefore, it is very crucial to have a robust immune system. Various citrus fruits, a balanced diet, and complete sleep can help one gain stable immune power. If you doubt that your immunity isn’t enough for your healthy well-being, immediately consult a doctor nearby and get tested. The more powerful the immune system, the healthier you become.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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