Common Myths And Facts About Cancer That You May Not Know

Common Myths And Facts About Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease, but nothing is impossible today. Taking care of our health and fitness, taking regular checkups of our body, and taking a healthy diet will help us stay away from cancer. Proper strategy, early detection, and timely treatment can trounce cancer. Being away from myths will be your priority if you want to beat cancer.

Medical Science has grown a lot in recent years. It has now become so advanced that today it can treat most of the diseases. New and advanced technology has made it more accessible. Due to the latest technology and contemporary studies, it is now possible to cure the conditions for millions of deaths every year. However, still, there is one disease that could not be cured or treated completely.

Various research and studies were done for decades; still, there is no proper treatment or therapy to completely cure cancer, especially when it reaches its last stage. Cancer is still a big challenge to modern and advanced Medical science, but the main challenge is bursting myths related to cancer because myths are still a big reason behind fear among individuals. So today, we are going to talk about some myths and facts that you may not know.

Myths about cancer are still a reason for fear among people, so today, we will take back your fear by bursting the common myths and telling you some interesting facts about cancer.

Some Most Common Myths Regarding Cancer

There are many myths related to cancer in individuals across the globe due to which they can’t live their life fearlessly. Today we try to bust some common myths related to cancer that are more dangerous than cancer itself. Here are some most common myths associated with Cancer

  1. Cellphones Cause Cancer

One of the most common myths about cancer is that cell phones cause cancer. We are using cell phones for years, but currently, cell phones are used most of the time. An individual spends hours on their cell phone. The perception behind this common myth is that cell phones emit radio waves, and our body quickly absorbs this radiation, leading to cancer. However, there is no evidence to date that cell phones cause cancer. The National Cancer Institute has already cleared this doubt.

  1. Cancer Is Contagious

Another common myth that you have heard frequently is that cancer is contagious. Many people still believe that a person with cancer can spread cancer to other persons, but this is entirely false. According to WHO, Cancer itself is not contagious. However, some viruses and bacteria that can be spread from person to person could cause cancer. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are viruses that may lead to liver cancer.

  1. Sugar Can Cause Cancer

It is a fact that a person causes most of the diseases due to their eating habits. But thinking that eating more sugar and especially artificial sweeteners, can cause cancer is unfactual.No study or research has found that sugar or artificial sweeteners can cause Cancer or grow Cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, there is no evidence that eating more sugar or artificial sweeteners causing cancer.

  1. Plastic Containers Can Cause Cancer

Plastic is now used everywhere, and you can not get rid of using plastics in your routine life. Plastic has so much interference in our life that from drinking water to eating food everywhere, there is the use of plastic. Yes, plastic is indeed harmful to the environment and our health, but plastic can cause cancer is a big myth among people.

  1. Cancer Is A Genetic Disease

People easily believe that all diseases are genetic, but this is not true every time. So in the case of cancer also the fact that cancer is hereditary is not valid. If someone’s father or grandfather has had cancer, it is not sure that the next generation will suffer from cancer.

Now we will talk about some of the interesting facts about cancer.

  1. Cancer: The Second Most Death Causing Phenomena

Cancer is still the reason behind most of the deaths occurring globally. According to WHO, Cancer accounts for 1 out of 6 deaths making it the second leading cause of death globally.

  1. Smoking Is The Leading Cause Of Cancer

The use of Tobacco and Smoking is still the leading cause of cancer in humans. Around 80% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking, while more than 30% of the total deaths are due to smoking.

  1. There Are More Than 200 Types Of Cancers

If you think that cancer is of two-three or ten types, then you are wrong. There are more than 200 types & subtypes of cancers discovered so far globally. However, cancers leading to death are small in numbers.

  1. More Than Half Of The Cancers Are Preventable

Thanks to modern medical science, more than half of the cancers are preventable and can be appropriately diagnosed if treated early. So we can say that if cancer is treated at an early stage, then doctors can save around 3 to 4 million deaths every year globally.

  1. Cancer Cause Huge Economic Loss

Cancer is preventable, but it costs a lot of money to get the best cancer treatment. If you look at rich or developed countries, then the cost of treating cancer is too high. Cancer can cause a total estimated loss of US$1.16 trillion annually.

These are some common myths and interesting facts related to cancer. Now you have to remember these myths and must tell these myths to your loved ones. Spread awareness and play your role in defeating cancer globally.

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