Causes Of Premature Baldness And Possible Remedies

Premature Baldness

Premature baldness is a condition that is caused in males due to various reasons. There is no way to stop it permanently, but there are multiple solutions to slow it down.

People get scared when it comes to their hair falling around and losing its hair density. In most cases, we see men going bald before their age which is known as premature baldness. Let us know about Causes of Premature Baldness and Possible Remedies more intricately.

What Triggers Premature Baldness? Causes And Symptoms

 Various causes that trigger this condition can be listed readily. Finding out the reasons for this condition can help us to find and collect remedies that will be suitable according to your needs; after finding out the causes and the surety that you have this condition seeing the symptoms. The best way to get a cure for premature baldness will be effective is to see a dermatologist.

Symptoms To Notice

 Suppose you notice that your hair breakage is more than usual, even after caring for it at your best. There must be a reason behind it to see a dermatologist. One of the reasons can be the condition of premature baldness.

  • If you see that your scalp is thickening and hair follicles are disappearing from your head, making a skin-like parchment on your scalp. Then the issue, if not cared to be serious.
  • If your hairline is decreasing from the sides going upwards or backward from the front. The hair growth of baby hair goes back day by day, making your forehead look more extensive.
  • No matter how much you care for your hair. It is still breaking off, and you are still losing on your hair with thinning of the scalp continuously.

Suppose you noticed this abnormality at a very young age. Then you must find a Dermatologist to have a consultancy with; then, you can find out if you have premature baldness so that it can be slowed down.

What Cause Premature Baldness?

There are various reasons for premature baldness that people don’t know. Here are the listings that you can pinpoint, looking for the causes that can trigger the condition.

Hormonal Changes-

  • many people don’t know much about this but, hormonal changes can affect hair growth. And it can also be the reason for your baldness even if you don’t have any heredity connection.

Hereditary And Genetic Causes-

  • It is evident that in male members of the family. If one of the people has premature baldness, all of the men after that generation will have premature baldness if followed by genetics.

Medical Conditions Such As Tumors Or Cancer-

  • Many medical conditions can also be the reason for your premature barrenness showing the symptoms. If you have a brain tumor, the hair on your head will automatically show changes with the headline and bulge in the tumor area.

How To Stop Premature Baldness? Remedies

The premature badness cannot be treated away permanently. But it can be delayed with the remedies. A hair transplant is also a solution for premature baldness. The helpful remedies:

  • OCT prescriptions and applicators
  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Hair transplantation and laser treatment
  • Follicle unit transplantation
  • follicle unit extraction
  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Gentle hair care and balanced lifestyle
  • Scalp care routine
  • Diet maintenance
  • Regular checkups with a dermatologist
  • Vitamins intake


People always get down on their confidence when it comes to badness. It is a common condition that is nothing to be ashamed about. There are multiple solutions for you to fight it back. Premature baldness can be prevented with a hair transplant, and you can get your hair back. Now that you know the Causes of Premature Baldness and Possible Remedies, it will be helpful for you.

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