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Tips To Take Care Of Your Heart On This World Heart Day

With the ever-increasing number of heart-related deaths, take this moment to appreciate those who are continuously fighting the fight against CVD to encourage you to take care of that heart of yours! From Global Hearts by WHO to green corridors in India, take a note of all that is done to keep your heart happy!

What Is Considered A Chronic Condition? Can Chronic Disease Cure?

Chronic diseases are mainly caused by Smoking, Overconsumption of Alcohol, Inactivity, and Poor Diet. There aren’t any vaccines or medications to cure chronic diseases. However, the patient can maintain and prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The number of patients suffering from chronic illness is increasing at an alarming rate day by day.

Enhancing Heart Strength With Yoga

We saw various asanas which have numerous benefits for our heart and rest of the body and how yoga is beneficial for mind and soul. Let’s actively seek to reduce the stress and get a healthy and peaceful approach towards life on this yoga day i.e. 21st June 2020.

What Are The Primary Care During And After Bypass Surgery

A heart bypass procedure is a type of operation in which a new pathway inside the heart is created. The need for bypass usually arrives when one or more of the primary coronary artery gets blocked due to one or more reasons, the biggest of them being the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries. The article discusses how you can take care of your body once you are out of the hospital.

9 Best Health Centers In India

Ever since after Independence, India has been struggling with its health infrastructure. The country lacks a robust universal healthcare system and a nationwide insurance program. This lack of support has led to...

How To Prevent Heart Attack – 9 Things You Should Do For Healthy Heart

Heart issue is one of the leading causes of death. According to the survey, 1.3 million cardiovascular deaths in India in 2019 due to heart disorder. One cannot control heart risk, but taking care at the right time can lower your risk of heart disease. Fortunately, there are many things you can reduce the chances of getting a heart attack. Keep reading!

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