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India’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Approved For Clinical Trials

“India’s first Coronavirus vaccine is ready for trials.” This statement might have put you astounded. With current given global circumstances and surrounded by grim news 24x7, some sort of relief can be expected. India’s first vaccine, named ‘Covaxin,’ will soon be ready and is currently going under numerous tests and trial periods. Expected for a clinical trial in July, this might be the result of endless prayers.

Glenmark Launches COVID-19 Drug Tablet – Breaking News

Glenmark Launches COVID-19 Drug Tablet - Breaking News is that Favipiravir is available At Rs 103 Per Tablet. FabiFlu is the first oral Favipiravir-approved medication in India for the treatment of COVID-19, it said in a statement.

Negative Effects Of Depression

Sushant Singh Rajput convinced suicide due to depression. A person with depression lacks human emotions and ends up being the victim. Lack of conversations with others often ends up feeling alone and worthless. The state of feeling no emotions is called DEPRESSION.

Covid-19 Causes And Prevention – Life In The Times Of Quarantine

Despite these technological advances and claims, a foolproof remedy is still not in sight; hence the essential steps for us to take would be social distancing, self-isolation, tracing the contact, and few others discussed here.

Top Stories About 150 Swine Flu Cases In Delhi 2020 Of This Week

In Delhi, swine flu attacked the judges of the Supreme court while they were attending a meeting with the chief justice of India. It has affected five judges, and they are suffering from a viral illness. It was stated that the result of the swine flu test is positive for the five judges of the Supreme court. These attacks are increasing fear in people.

Things You Should Know About Wuhan Coronavirus And It’s Global Impact

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses recognized for containing traces that probably cause lethal illnesses in mammals and birds. In humans, they may be spread through airborne droplets of fluid produced by using inflamed individuals. Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is liable for extreme acute breathing syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiration syndrome (MERS), can cause demise in humans.

9 Deadliest Diseases In The World

We commonly assume that the most dangerous diseases in the world are necessarily grimy, malevolent, and horrific. Most of the diseases with the highest fatality rates in the world are slow, omnipresent and anyone can be susceptible to them. In fact, according to the WHO, a jarring 68% deaths in the year 2015 were caused by slow progressing diseases, some of them are partially preventable.

News: 9 Biggest Infectious Diseases In India That Have Become Quite Common

The most prominent infectious killer diseases in India: here are the nine most common contagious diseases, their symptoms, and causes. Infectious diseases are a condition that is caused by simple microorganisms. Our bodies...

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