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Threats Associated With Antibiotic Overuse

Antibiotics, often known as antibacterial drugs, kill or slow bacteria's proliferation. They consist of a variety of potent medications that are used to treat bacterial illnesses. Our immune system can usually eliminate bacteria before they grow and produce symptoms.

Excessive Use Of Ipill Creates Health Issues?

Nowadays, every woman tries to avoid unplanned pregnancy because of lifestyle changes and different careers. They choose only this option to avoid pregnancy. Before using any contraceptive method, you should know how to use it and how it works in your system. You should be aware of any side effects and make sure that you take these pills only in emergency cases.

Different Types Of Medicinal Plants For Healthy Living

In this busy schedule, people don't have the time to probe nature and its importance. If God has given the dilemma, its solution is also present near to us. These types of medicinal plants are boon for the people to have a healthy mortal life. In this article, we are going to understand how plants are accessible to make our life healthy.

The Success Ratio Of The Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccines

Even after manufacturing the vaccines, why are we still assessing the efficacy levels of these vaccines in the real-world? we might be happy about the vaccine reaching us, but we cannot be 100% sure about their effectiveness. In this article, we would like to throw light on few aspects that can only be understood with time and usage of the vaccine; till then, we all need to follow the precautionary measures.

6 Side Effects Of Multivitamins

Yes, multivitamins help maintain good health, maintain energy, and prevent illness, but they do have some side effects like hives, headache, diarrhea, itchy skin, upset stomach, and constipation; if repeated, can cause some serious trouble to your body.

4 Reasons To Opt For Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world; now, it opened its online pharmacy. Unlike other brands, amazon is one of the most trusted companies. On Tuesday, 7th November, the online pharmacy was added to the legacy. Right from online delivery to online movies, Amazon is trying to conquer every industry possible.

Drug Use, Abuse And Addiction: Effect On Brain And Body

Drug(Substance) usage, abuse, and addiction are on an all-time high in recent times. In many countries, people like to try it out once, even though the governments do not permit it. The usage of drugs usually starts with curiosity. The problem starts when this becomes more. Using the smallest amounts of drugs can cause very large problems. We can start by understanding the various stages.

What Kind Of Drug Abuse Among The Indian Youth Trending Now?

The drug-menace has woven itself deep into our society's fabric as Indian youth is trapped in the dangerous claws of these drugs. India being the key market for drug smugglers as it lies between two huge mass Opium productive areas, i.e., Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent.

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