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What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid?

Have you been experiencing sudden bouts of low energy or real hyper activeness throughout the day? Are you pulled down by the forces of stress and fatigue for most of the day, and the excruciating pain eats away at your mood? There’s so much going wrong with your system that it is almost impossible not to take note of them? What could be pulling you back? The chances are that it is your thyroid gland at play. Quickly check out these symptoms of thyroid.

9 Factors Are Responsible For Thalassemia

An Account On Thalassemia: Thalassemia is an inherited disorder of the blood wherein the total RBC count, the production of hemoglobin, and thus the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood decreases. There is the destruction...

This Aids Day Let’s Fight With HIV

Don't worry that you have AIDS, instead be joyous of the progress medicine has made to help us lead a healthy life just like everyone else does. This AIDS day, we want...

What Are The Causes Of Asthma?

Asthma is a severe condition that affects the airways of your lungs. People who have Asthma face extreme difficulty in inhaling and exhaling air from their lungs. Asthma is chronic, so you have to live with it day-in and day-out. In some cases, people also face difficulty in talking or breathing. This form of Asthma is referred to as bronchial Asthma.

9 HIV Myths And Facts – AIDS Awareness Is Essential For Adults

HIV means Human immunodeficiency virus. We all are aware of this name HIV AIDS. It is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus. Aids is a life-changing illness and can be developed by having a sexual relationship with the person HIV positive or by transforming the blood of a person who has this virus.

9 Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

The thyroid is a deficiency, not a disease. According to the projection of various studies, 42 million people are suffering from thyroid in India. In comparison to men, women have eight times more chances to have a thyroid disorder. Also, thyroid problems increase with age. The thyroid may affect any group of age person, even children too.

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