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Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Moringa For Thyroid Health?

Did you know a healthy thyroid function helps in regulating the metabolism of your body? Moringa or popularly known in India as a drumstick is full of rich nutrients. It is deemed to be a superfood for proper thyroid functioning. Selenium and Zinc present in Moringa aid in regulating the thyroid. Find out more about the health benefits of Moringa on thyroid health.

What Are The First Symptoms Of Diabetes?

While one can get this disorder through genes, many people suffer from this lifestyle disorder due to poor health choices, including lack of exercise. Now, most cases of diabetes remain undiagnosed until they turn severe. Early signs and symptoms of diabetes can help you take action before your condition worsens. Read the article so that you don’t miss the first warning signs.

Easy Home Remedies To Cure Children From Pneumonia

Fighting pneumonia isn't easy, but it isn't so challenging as well. Here we bring you easy remedies you can use to help your kid recover faster so they can go back to playgrounds, and you can finally be free of worries. It covers everything from food recipes to taking care via warm compress, hot drinks, steaming, breathing exercise, environment change, and whatnot.

Two Magical Herbs To Control High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure can be treated effectively with simple dietary changes, as suggested by the natural and holistic approach under Ayurveda.

5 Things To Know About Polymyositis

Polymyositis the muscle weakens the disease. Every single necessary information regarding this disease is covered in this. Right from cause to treatment, so if you have such symptoms, it's better to visit the doctor and clarify. And don't worry, the death cases in this disease are less, and can be cured to an extent by proper treatment. You will also get the muscle strength back, but at times it can strike back with pain in the affected muscle.

What Is DKA? Things You Should Know About Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Complications with diabetes are frightening. But don't let fear prevent you from looking after yourself well. This article will expand your horizons regarding DKA and is intended to make you aware of the symptoms, causes, risk factors, and treatment for the disease.

A New Autoinflammatory Disease: Vexas Syndrome

Vexas Syndrome is a new inflammatory disease found only in the male because it is linked with the chromosome, which can only be found in their genes. It causes some symptoms such as blood clots, inflammation of the cartilage, and sometimes breathing problems. The disease's cure is still not found, but only 50 people have died who had this disease now in England.

Things You Should Know About Polio

Polio, which was seen as one of the deadliest diseases in the 19th century is now on the verge of extinction. It can be easily prevented by ensuring that every child below the age of 5 is vaccinated according to the medical recommendations.192 of the 195 countries in the world, such as the US, India, Turkey, Italy and more have been declared polio-free today.

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