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8 Diet Items To Stay Healthy This Winter

If you're still reaching for Christmas sweets and candies, it may be time to start thinking about better eating now that the new year has here. With the holidays behind us and the long months ahead, there are plenty of opportunities for home-cooked and nutritious meals. Of course, there aren't as many vegetables in the season as there are in the summer, but there are some surprising health heroes in the season that you may not have known about! Here are a few food alternatives to consider the next time you go grocery shopping.

Omicron Variant: 5 Immunity-Boosting Shots To Add To Your Diet

India sustained a significant hit during the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, it is justifiable that the current variety, Omicron, which is very infectious, has many stresses as far as anyone knows. Here are some shots ideas to boost your immunity.

Everything You Need To Know About Carving Root Vegetables During Winter

Roots are among the most nutrient-dense veggies available. Check out my article here for everything you need to know about carving root vegetables during winter.

Sattvic Diet- Light And Healthy Chana Pindi Recipe

In a Sattvic diet, you consume food that is designed to cultivate a higher mindset and contentment. The energy in any food depends on how it is grown, its freshness, and on how it is relished. This diet requires a lot of dedication and patience, and hence, it is essential to practice yoga and meditation to prepare your mind and body. Let's make sattvic Chana Pindi.

Summer 2021: Food Habits To Maintain Immunity

The summer of 2021 has come with the second wave Corona Virus, and therefore it is high time that everyone pays proper attention to their diet plan to maintain immunity. Three main factors leave a prominent impression on our immune system – adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy food habit. So here we'll be discussing a thorough diet plan for a day, starting from breakfast to dinner.

Why Too Much Cold Drink Is Not Good For Health

A cold drink is non-alcoholic, carbonated water that contains sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or artificial sweeteners and flavoring. But these drinks can cause some serious problems. The cold drinks offer no nutrition and deteriorate our health. The glass full of water can seem less attractive but is much healthier. The effects of a cold drink on health are as follow.

How Can Diet Help Improve Your Focus During Exams?

Exam pressure can take a toll on both parents' and students' health. The mental stress is not just limited to exam pressure but extends until you get the results in your hand. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your health is in excellent form. Besides, good health improves your academic performance and memory power. Foods to sharpen your memory during exams.

Common Things You Should Stop Eating Which Is Harming Your Body

People need to comprehend that some kinds of food are suitable for taste. But they harm our body tremendously. Craving is such kind of a feeling which cannot be controlled easily. It becomes essential to stop such type of food depletion, which harms our body.

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