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9 Easy Remedies To Cure Fever, Cold And Cough

Fever, cold or cough are usually no cause for concern. Some viruses kill themselves in children and adults and engage in the healing process. So, it's better to contact the doctor anytime you have unusual symptoms, or a fever won't leave for a day or two. Yet these 9 home remedies are the best according to the Ayurveda.

9 Symptoms Of Swine Flu

Swine flu is a contagious disease that can have severe consequences if ignored. Last year, many cases of this came across the country. If swine flu is not treated, it can also become fatal. This can be quite dangerous, especially for lung patients. Small children, older adults are more likely to be vulnerable. Here are nine symptoms of swine flu to understand in a better way.

What Are The Symptoms Of Malaria?

What is Malaria? And How it infects us? Most of us will say when a mosquito of special breed bites us, it causes Malaria. Yes, Malaria is a sickness of the blood that is brought about by the Plasmodium parasite. There are more than 100 types of jungle fever parasite. Let's see what the symptoms of Malaria are and how it affects our body.

What Is The Reason For Continuous Cold? 9 Common Causes Of Cold And Cough

Everyone knows you're supposed to take medication, but what else should you do to prevent cough & cold?? Learn more now here are 9 Common Causes Of Cold And Cough. Viral Infection Norman...

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