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What Are The Blood Cancer Symptoms?

Blood cancer is a type of disease which occurs in our body when something in the development of our blood cells goes awry. Blood cancer can stop the usual functions of our blood, which constitutes but is not limited to, keeping us healthy by dealing with disorders. In some cases, it might also cease the clotting of the blood.

World Cancer Day: 9 Ways To Reduce Cancer Risk

Nowadays, cancer is harming society in India and all across the world. So it is essential to take care of your health and understand the risk of developing cancer. Here, we will appraise all factors by following which you may avert cancer risk. When taking action upon cancer is not possible, you can take control of the things that are in your hand. On this world cancer day, let's reduce cancer risk.

Brain Tumor: 9 Signs And Symptoms For Early Identification

The brain is one of the essential parts of the body. Hence, any malfunction in the brain can result in the breakdown of your body. One such malfunction is a Brain tumor,...

9 Symptoms And Causes Of Breast Cancer

Despite the popular notion, a lump on the breast is not the only symptom of this deadly cancer. It comes with a host of many other symptoms that both male or female,...

9 Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of A Cancer

Cancer is a prevalent disease, and we all are aware of it, but many of us don’t know, or we even don’t care to know about cancer since we are not suffering from it. But at least we should have the necessary information about cancer as it is the most common cause of death next to heart disease.

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