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What Are The Essential Factors Causing The Growth Of Pancreatic Cancer Worldwide?

Pancreatic cancer is a disease caused in the Pancreas, and it occurs in the lower part of the stomach. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are weight loss, diabetes, blood clots, and more. It is more important to take the necessary step before the disease moves to the last stage, leading to death. One can take precautions are regular exercise, stop smoking, eat fruits and vegetables, etc.

Killing Cancer Naturally: Scientists Found Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases of all time. One in every six people in the world is dying due to cancer. With such terrifying numbers, finding a cure for cancer has become a top priority for scientists worldwide. Scientists may have discovered a way to create anti-cancer drugs using a combination of natural organic compounds.

Blood Cancer: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Here is a brief idea of what blood cancer is, what symptoms the patient presents with, the medical diagnosis, the treatment, and the prevention of blood cancer. As many patients have been cured of blood cancer worldwide, there's nothing to fear. Going to your physician in time and following the doctor's advice can alleviate the symptoms quickly. We hope that this documentary was useful to you.

7 Early Warning Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer

Most symptoms of pancreatic cancer are vague and only appear later. Still, it is important to know them so that you can get diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Symptoms include jaundice, stomach/back pain, nausea, deep vein thrombosis, and more.

9 Risk Factors Of Cancer

Cells become cancerous due to the uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. Lung, breast, stomach, colon, and liver cancers are the most common reasons which can also lead to death. Cancer poses a bigger threat to people experiencing risk factors like aging, alcohol use, exposure to carcinogens, and others.

Breaking News: Sanjay Dutt Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Bollywood has had quite a few shocks this year. Initially, the death of famous actor Irrfan Khan disturbed the film fraternity which was then followed by the death of famous veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. This was and then followed by the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput which is still making the headlines. None of these deaths was expected but somehow the country managed to digest them. A new headline the actor Sanjay Dutt was tested and is diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

World’s No Tobacco Day: Protect Youth And Yourself From Tobacco Cancer

As indicated by the World Health Organization, tobacco kills in excess of 8 million individuals around the globe every year, a number that is anticipated to develop except if hostile to tobacco activities are expanded. Let's save the lives of people from this world no tobacco day - 31 May 2020.

9 Most Deadly Kinds Of Cancers

Cancer is a large group of infections that include abnormal cell development with the possibility to attack or spread to different pieces of the body. They structure a subset of neoplasms. A neoplasm or tumor is a gathering of cells that have experienced unregulated development and will regularly shape a mass or bump; however, it might be disseminated diffusely. There are different kinds of Cancer, as follows:

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