Breaking News: China Is Battling With Bubonic Plague After Covid 19

China Is Battling With Bubonic Plague

Another breaking news: China is battling with bubonic plague after COVID 19 this plague expected to reach branches with this goes down the world economy and who knows how many businesses. World-leading luxury brands have declared bankruptcy. Zara and Victoria’s secret are few to name.

Australian bushfires and spreading of coronavirus are few of the world’s greatest enemy, and we are nowhere close in defeating them. If we track down our history, it appeared as if every 100 years, a pandemic is bound to happen. The great plague of Marseille and Spanish flu are the most prominent examples. But guess what, this year might turn out to be the worst of all since another possible pandemic has caught the eyes of experts and is making rapid growth capturing lives. We have witnessed several cases regarding this new pandemic known as Bubonic plague, and it sure is dangerous. So let’s find out what is so deadly about this virus and what we can contribute to preventing it.

What Is The Bubonic Plague?

What Is The Bubonic Plague

We can trace this virus right from the 14th century, where it first appeared. It is a virus caused by a bacterial infection. A bacterium called Yersinia Pestis results in bubonic plague. It is mainly caused by a bite of an infected flea, particularly rats and marmots. This virus is responsible for the black death in the 14th century in Europe, Asia, and Africa. At that time, it resulted in nearly 50 million deaths altogether, which mounts up to 40% of Europe’s population. It was also part of the Great Plague of 1665, which killed millions in Europe covering approximately one-fifth of London’s population and has also been part of outbreaks in the 19th century in China and India, killing more than 12 million people.

Symptoms Of Bubonic Plague

Symptoms Of Bubonic Plague

Much like any other virus symptoms, this virus, too, can cause fever, vomiting, muscle strains. However, certain symptoms can be seen only in this virus. These are:

  • Feeling chilly in hot weather.
  • Pain in specific areas even before swelling occurs.
  • Heavy breathing with blood vomiting.
  • This virus mainly targets an individual’s lymph nodes. As a result, pain in lymph nodes is quite common.
  • Decomposition of specific areas such as fingertips, toes, and lips.
  • Pain and swelling at parts where the infected get in contact.

Recent Encounters And The Possibility Of A Pandemic

The Possibility Of A Pandemic

Bubonic virus cases are surely rare, but we cannot underestimate the recent encounters with this virus. A herdsman got infected with this virus near Mongolia region along with a man in Bayannur who is now in a stable condition. Two more cases were confirmed in Mongolia’s Khovd province affecting 146 people further indicating this spread of the virus. Though this virus is somewhat treatable, we cannot deny the fact that this virus was the root cause in the history of pandemics and can lead to something very severe.

We know that this year is not what you expected it to be. With all the negativity floating in the air, it is our responsibility not to get carried away and stay healthy both physically and mentally. Let’s just say that this year it’s all about bringing back memories and fun elements with our close ones, which were somewhat lost due to our busy schedules in recent years.

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