Baby Care Tips For New Moms – 9 Useful Parenting Guide

Being a mom is an awesome experience, especially when you see the first time baby’s face; the happiness is not describable, isn’t it. But it is your first day of the duty of being a parent, and now you have to be a more careful and more sincere parent. Because the little one is so delicate and wants full-time attention, that’s why we have conducted nine baby care tips for new moms.

  1. Support Your Infant’s Head And Neck

Support Your Infant’s Head And Neck

The body is so delicate you have to carry the baby very carefully; otherwise, chances of a born break. When you carry the baby up, give the support with one hand to the head and neck, and use another hand for the back.

  1. Never Shake Its Body

Never Shake Its Body

If you are in a mood of play with the baby or any other reason but make sure you don’t shake its body and also not let others shake it. The body is fragile, and you need to take extra care unless the baby is six months old.

  1. Never Leave Baby Unattended

Never Leave Baby Unattended

You might be thinking that the baby is too small and sleeping a lot, so what if I leave and do my chores. But that’s not the truth; it needs the full attention of one person. It may twist the body and can fall anytime. It needs breastfeeding; if you leave unattended, it may cry a lot. It may require you for potty, change the diaper, etc.,

  1. Breast Feeding


Breastfeeding has all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. Which protects against diseases to the baby, such as diabetes and cancer. Constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach cannot take place due to mother’s milk in proper proportion.

  1. It Is Not Ready For Rough Play

It Is Not Ready For Rough Play

Your newborn baby is not ready for playing with you, such as jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air. You can play with the baby calm games such as Snapping the fingers, clapping, light noisy top’s sound, not too bright lighting toys. Remember that too much lighting and too much noise can harm the eyes and ears of the baby.

  1. Bathing

Newborn Baby Bathing Time

Take extra care while having a baby bath. Don’t leave unattended the baby. Don’t talk on the phone during bath time. Make sure the water is not so warm. And also, the water should not go to the nose of the baby. They are difficult for the baby to breathe and can die too.

  1. Sleeping


The baby sleeps a lot. 18-20 hours of sleep is essential for the baby. Let it sleep when it is sleeping. Don’t make noise, don’t play loud music, don’t disturb their sleeping time.

  1. Food

Baby Food

Don’t give any food until the baby is six months old. Mother’s milk is sufficient food for the baby. Feed the baby every two hours—feed, especially after having a bath and whenever it is crying. After six months, you can start giving food in a small quantity like Cerelac and other healthy baby food, which are readily available in the supermarket. Make sure about the ingredient and expiry before giving it to the baby.

  1. Help

Ask For Help

Don’t hesitate for the support to handle the baby. Take your partner’s help, in-lows help, your maid’s help. Sleep well is also essential for the mother to take care of the child well.

Final Words

Be calm, relaxed, stress-free, and happy. Sometimes being harsh, over passive parents cannot take good care of the baby. Consult the doctor from time to time and make the necessary changes in your life for a happy life.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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