Indira Dutta

Indira Dutta is a writer by profession and passion. She is a health freak, an expressionist, a storyteller, and a strong communicator.

A Girl With A Farm – Bringing You Closer To Residue Free Farming!

I realized how cities are dependent on neighbourhood farms and towns for food supply, and I closely viewed the supply chain and its drawbacks. I visited farms to understand the challenges of farmers, and this intrigued me to learn farming.

Should Parents Talk To Their Kids About Their Bodies And Sex At A Very Early Age?

Your kids will soon move out from the confines of your home and be out in society. Thus, once your kid joins the school, teach them about body safety, tell them to own their body, and recognize the bad touches. As parents, we always want to guard them, but that's practically impossible, thus empowering them to protect themselves and become strong individuals.

Modern Day Hearing Aids – How To Pick The Right One

If you have been diagnosed with hearing difficulty, then do not worry; a hearing aid can become your perfect friend. There are various types of hearing aid available in the market but consult your physician before purchasing. In this article, we have highlighted the aspects that need to be considered before buying a hearing aid. Do write to us for more queries.

What Is Type 1 Diabetes: Understand The Symptoms And Causes

Modernization and commercialization have impacted our lifestyle adversely. This lifestyle change has given birth to many diseases like Type 1 diabetes. However, with proper care and exercise, one can overcome this illness and lead a healthy life. In this article, we have covered everything about type 1 or juvenile diabetes. Do write to us for any more queries.

Five Most Asked Health Queries

If you ever wondered what to eat before a workout or the meaning of the Keto diet, then this article will help you find the answers. We have covered five top-searched health-related problems in this article. However, if you want answers to any specific health query, then do write to us

Is Your Skin Holi-Ready? Pre And Post Holi Skincare Tips

I remember my childhood days when we were sent to play Holi after applying loads of mustard oil. As kids, we felt irritated with these rituals, but we understood the importance of pre and post-Holi skincare as we grew. As you get ready to be exposed to colors, heat, dust, and water, here are few tips that will keep your skin and hair protected. Have a safe and happy Holi.

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Normal Water?

What is alkaline water? Is it good for health? Should you buy the bottled alkaline water? Alkaline water boosts immunity and creates a healthy body. Today we will discuss the benefits of alkaline water and how to prepare alkaline water at home. These are a few interesting topics that we will discuss in this article.

Covid-19 Fresh News Updates Of The Day 24th March 2021

While we all have questions about the efficacy levels of the vaccine, here is how the increase in the gap for 2nd dose can increase the efficacy levels. The World health organization has extended the gap between the first and the second dose to 58 days from 28 days.

Indira Dutta

Indira Dutta is a writer by profession and passion. She is a health freak, an expressionist, a storyteller, and a strong communicator.