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Are You Susceptible To Sunstroke?

Sunstroke is a widespread term and people over 65 years of age are most likely to get affected by this disorder. A strong nervous system will matter in the case of sunstroke. There are various causes by which you will have this disorder, but if you get treatment in time, then you reduce the effectiveness of sunstroke.



Sunstroke Effects

Sunstroke is a widespread term and people over 65 years of age are most likely to get affected by this disorder. A strong nervous system will matter in the case of sunstroke. There are various causes by which you will have this disorder, but if you get treatment in time, then you reduce the effectiveness of sunstroke.

This is the widespread term which you will be able to find primarily in the summer season. Sunstroke also refers to a Heat Stroke condition. Two major causes that can lead you to this condition are exposure to the sun or the high temperature for a longer time and physical activities in the high-temperature room. You should also know that if your body temperature suddenly rises to 40 C, then it will deliver you the severe symptoms of heatstroke. In some cases, it will also direct you toward extreme disorders or health conditions.

As we know, this health condition is commonly seen in the months of summer because of the high temperature in the environment. When you notice any sign of heatstroke, you have to treat it immediately because, after some time, it will damage your brain, heart, kidney, and other organs. If you take time to treat this stroke, you will have worse effects or health conditions. Severe symptoms of sunstroke will also lead you to death. Immediate treatment is necessary when it comes to sunstroke.

Main Symptoms Of The Sunstroke

With the major symptoms, you will be able to suspect sunstroke in a lesser amount of time. It will help you to further treatments of Sunstroke. Following are some important symptoms you have to look for when you feel that you are having sunstroke.

  • Risen Body Temperature

As we know, increased body temperature is the major symptom of Sunstroke. If your body temperature is higher than 40 C, then you should go to the doctor and start your treatment.

  • Irregular Behavior

You will observe behavioural changes when you go through Sunstroke, such as a confusing state of mind, agitation, irregularity in speech, coma, seizures, etc.

  • Sweating Conditions

If you have sunstroke, which is affected by the high temperature from the environment, then your skin will feel very dry and hot. But if you have sunstroke, which is caused by severe physical activity, then your skin will feel moist and sweaty.

  • Feel Sick

You will suffer from nausea and vomiting when it comes to sunstroke.

  • Change The Color Of Skin

Your skin will also turn red because of the high temperature.

  • Irregularity In Breathing

You will get tired very soon, and it will lead you to faster heartbeats.

  • Headache

You will also suffer from extreme headaches. 

Causes Of The Sunstroke

As we know that there are two main causes due to people suffering from heatstroke more often, but you should also know that you will also find other reasons which can also cause sunstroke. Following are some primary causes that will help you stay away from the sunstroke condition.

  • Hot Environment

The sunstroke that occurs because of exposure to the high temperature for a long time is called a non-exertional heatstroke. Because of the high temperature in the environment, your body temperature will increase at a greater level which will cause you sunstroke.

  • Extreme Physical Activity

When you do extreme training in a hot climate, it will lead to a boost in your body temperature. Boosting your body temperature because of the exceptional activities, you will end with Sunstroke. In most cases, it will happen that you are not comfortable in high-temperature situations.

  • Excess Clothing

This is also one of the reasons which will direct you towards the Sunstroke condition. When you wear excess clothes in the summer season, it will be more likely to sunstroke.

  • Consumption Of Alcohol

When it comes to regular drinking of alcohol, then you should know that it will affect your whole body. It will disturb your normal body functions, such as maintaining the body temperature.

  • Dehydration

When you suffer from dehydration because of the less drinking water, then it will affect your body temperature. Most of the time, your body will release the fluids through the form of sweat. 

Things To Take Care Of:-

Sunstroke is all about high temperature, and the following are some precautions that will help you to stay away from this condition. With this method, you will be able to make sure that it will not lead you to severe health conditions.

  • Lightweight Clothing

Wherever you go outside in the summer season or the hot weather, make sure that you are in lightweight clothes because sometimes excess clothing will cause severe damage. Try to cool your body whenever you feel hot.

  • Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

When you expose your skin to harmful sun rays, it will affect your body’s function of cooling itself. Therefore make sure that you use a hat and sunglasses to cover your face. You should also use sunscreen, which will protect you from harmful sun rays. If you are in contact with the sun rays for a long time, then try to reapply sunscreen after some time of the period.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of fluids will help you to maintain your body temperature in a better way. You should know that when your temperature of the body increases, your body will start releasing fluids in the form of sweat which will retain the body temperature at the normal level.

  • Medication

If you take medications daily, then avoid the drugs which will dehydrate you very soon. If your drugs will dehydrate you, then your body will not keep your body temperature at normal.

  • Avoid Seating In The Parked Cars

You should know that most of the time, sunstroke happens because of seating in marked cars in the summer season. When your car is parked under the sun, the temperature of the car will increase by 20C in just 10 minutes. Therefore try to avoid seating in parked cars. 


All the above information will provide you with the details of sunstroke or heat stroke. Avoid all the causes given above, which are more likely to give you sunstroke. If the time of getting treatment increases, then you will need the worse severe disease. You also have to be aware of the risk factors which will come with sunstroke.

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