Are You Overweight Because Of Hormonal Imbalance?

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A state where an individual’s body mass index(BMI) is above 30 is called obesity. Obesity is a concern for all. Ranging from problems such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, and even loss infertility, this disease cannot be taken lightly. The issue of obesity is far more complicated than people see. Affecting a lot of your internal functioning, obesity can disturb your lifestyle severely. When this disease sticks with someone for a prolonged period, certain organs start reducing their efficiency because they are unable to handle the increased fat percentage in your body and can become the reason to attract more diseases.

There are several reasons you can be obese. It can either be inherited from your parents or excessive eating. But one reason that can be found most common among the majority is the hormonal imbalance. Your body reacts high with even the slightest change in your hormonal cycle. Sometimes despite keeping your diet on track, you find yourself overweight. With hormonal imbalance, your testosterone and estrogen levels start going crazy, resulting in several symptoms such as headaches, irregular periods, anxiety, and even overweight. These symptoms are explained below:

Difficulty Sleeping:

Difficulty Sleeping

Often your secretion fo hormones are responsible for your sleeping schedule. Wit disturbance in secretion, your sleeping cycle might get affected and can further result in loss of appetite.

Irritability And Anxiety:

Irritability And Anxiety

Mood swings are a part of a lifestyle, but when your hormone secretion is always up, so are your mood swings. It may make you feel quite irritated and depressed. There is no specific reason as to why it happens, but you surely won’t be showing your best side. Often it can also result in anxiety among the youth.

Changes In Appetite:

Changes In Appetite

Your body organs won’t be showing your best side either. With so much change going regularly, your digestive tracks will, too, show some change and start acting differently. It may result in a difference in your appetite. You might be eating a lot more, probably because your body will be needing more nutrients to function correctly. This can also be a result of loss in sleep.

Change In The Period Cycle:

Change In The Period Cycle

Change in the period cycle is a prevalent symptom among females. They might experience a change in their period cycles because of hormonal change and can result in further problems of weak bones and night sweats.

If you are facing excessive weight loss and other symptoms, an appointment with a doctor is always prescribed with a few reminders:

Balanced Diet:

Balanced Diet

With such a rapid change going internally, it is crucial to maintain a good supply of nutrients to make sure you cope up with the on-going process. A balanced and healthy diet is quite essential to make sure that all your organs function well, and you won’t feel tired.

Exercise Every Day:

Exercise Every Day

Exercising every day for about 30 minutes may solve your weight gain issue. With regular exercise, your body always remains in active mode and can handle certain changes in your lifestyle, which are caused due to hormonal imbalance.

Being overweight is undoubtedly manageable, but being obese is much more problematic. You may feel a lot of changes at once but are surely solvable. Make sure you consider yourself a priority and face these situations with a positive outlook.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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