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Are IVF Babies As Normal As Others With Facts And Myths?

Are you planning to grow your family, then you must go out for IVF treatment. Your doctor will help you, right. Before booking an appointment take a look at some facts and myths of IVF. IVF is the latest technology that parents who are not able to conceive a baby follow. If you have questions related to the same, then you must read on, and we will help you out in every manner.

IVF Babies

Are you planning to grow your family, then you must go out for IVF treatment. Your doctor will help you, right. Before booking an appointment, take a look at some facts and myths about IVF.

IVF is the latest technology that parents who are not able to conceive a baby follow. If you have questions related to the same, then you must read on, and we will help you out in every manner.

Let’s Dive In!

Since IVF is a rare matter, many people still have previously conceived views and are cynical about it. A widespread prejudice even in schools is that IVF babies are not entirely ‘human’ because they are a result of doctors’ technological skills. Some claim IVF babies are also artificial because they have been built in state-of-the-art labs. The reason is that IVF infants are not the progeny of a natural phenomenon, which is sex between partners. And because they use scientific skills and medical machinations, they believe IVF babies are not as common as natural babies.

A radical and misguided part of the population perpetuated this fallacy infinitely and fervently. However, the fact is not that. In terms of physical characteristics and mental ability of IVF, children are as natural as most children. They are indeed much like most children born naturally. It is only enough to learn and visit an informative and perceptive doctor to dismantle these rampant theories.

While it is possible that in IVF, the doctor inserts the foetus into the cervix in the uterus, the mechanism of people being pregnant is as usual in sex. It must be understood that the ART science used during IVF therapy is Assisted and Reproductive Technology, not artificial.

In the case of IVF, sperm and eggs are fertilized in the laboratory under the care of experienced scientists, the only distinction between IVF and the natural process. Instead of the fallopian tube, the melting takes place in the test tube. Either male or high-quality sperm partner is not capable of producing, or female partners are incapable of producing ovules or high-quality ovules or are blocked in the fallopian tube. Couples opt for IVF. Your sex would not create an egg such that a female partner cannot get pregnant. The fusion and fertilization of eggs in the workshop is an alternative to sex.

The embryo will be passed to the female uterus after sperm and eggs are fused in the laboratory. And then, the whole procedure is the same as every common scenario. The female becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child after the specified period after transferring the embryo into the uterus, as ordinary as most children are IVF babies. It is difficult to differentiate between IVF babies and other children unless one is told. In reality.

The Myths And Facts Related To The IVF

It is a very intimate and traumatic feeling that an infant cannot give birth as wished. Many misconceptions surround this field of human life. While medical research has led to an increasingly increasing range of treatments and innovations that help people become pregnant, much of this is misunderstood.

When a couple cannot understand instinctively, they should pursue fertility therapy to understand the root cause of the issue and receive the care needed instead of submitting to shame and depression.

The Success Rate Of IVF

The IVF success rate depends upon several factors, such as the age of women, egg production, sperms, and the embryo that results (developing lives). The implantation chances and the general fitness of the female body to perform the pregnancy are determined by tubal causes and conditions of the uterus.

Although it is hard to determine whether a woman is successful in the first attempt or requires a few tries, results show that.

  • In the first attempt, on average, 70% of IVF cases conceive successfully
  • In two tries, 85% conceive
  • Three attempts are conceived by 95%

IVF And Conception

To draw a decision, it is often necessary to equate the IVF mechanism with natural design. What is popular is that the fertilization of the eggs with sperm includes all mechanisms. In the fallopian tube, the normal process takes place (after sexual intercourse). In IVF, fertilization is done in a special method lab in a dish. The developed embryo traverses in the normal conception in the uterus, where it is inserted spontaneously for pregnancy. The lab-created embryo(s), on the other hand, are chemically inserted into the embryo.

IVF Is Painful

This is the fallacy that IVF is most often painful. A few women during their recovery complained of any discomfort. Catch-up and embryo exchanges require about 15 minutes and routine operations within 4-6 hours under general anesthesia. Some women think IVF injections are unpleasant, but it’s completely unfounded. Because everybody responds differently to situations such as needles, ultrasounds, and vaginal catheters, pain is difficult to quantify. But no unforeseen or serious torment or distress can come upon you. However, you can inform your IVF doctor urgently if you are suffering from discomfort.

Requires A Need For Taking Rest On The Bed

This question was posed by every couple who came for IVF therapy. Working women come to Ovum to pick them and go back to work on the same or the next day. Women who have resumed normal work and work 1-3 days after the transition has continued working through pregnancy. An IVF pregnancy other than a normal pregnancy must not be handled. After the embryo transfer, you don’t have to confine yourself to bed.

However, with any regular pregnancy, a certain level of caution is recommended and must be taken. Avoid unnecessary physical exerciser or lifting heavy items. Pregnancy yoga should be taken to stabilize the body and brace for birth.

Higher Health Risks

According to previously formulated concepts, the concept of IVF children is artificial and is more likely to fall into high-risk clusters. Yes, IVF babies are often born with low weight and born early. There are also neonatal deaths in the worst-case situation. Neurological diseases and congenital birth abnormalities are higher than natural infants. Therefore babies designed with IVF or any assisted techniques can develop autism or other learning disabilities.


After all the details have been taken into account, IVF remains a boon to those who cannot normally expect a child. The bulk of babies who are born are physically and psychologically stable. The success of the procedure is assured by itself. You will undoubtedly offer yourself the pleasure you always wanted, according to certain safeguards.

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