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Are Health Apps Useful? Do They Improve Our Lives?

Health is wealth, and there cannot be a better time to realize this saying. So, if you have set off your health goal, then here are some great health apps that will guide you throughout your fitness and wellness journey. They are the most used apps and, they can surely help you achieve your health goals.



Are health apps useful? I am sure each of us has pondered over it, and we, too, conducted detailed research to offer you the top 6 health apps that are effective and very easy to use. Health apps have helped millions of users; you might just be the next one.

Are Health Apps Useful

2020 taught us the importance of health over everything else. Our priorities changed from work to family and, from wealth to gaining health; with this welcoming change, one cannot ignore the growing tank of knowledge available on the internet, guiding us at every step to make the right health choices. From health recipes to tips, we have searched it all, and, now, with 2021, it’s time to renew those health vows and continue keeping ourselves and all family healthy.

In this league of virtual health guidance, the importance of health apps cannot be underrated, especially during the lockdown, where gyms and fitness clubs were shut, and we had to take care of our fitness on our own. Today we will talk about the top health apps that were most used by the netizens during the lockdown.

Health is wealth, and there cannot be a better time to realize this saying. So, if you have set off your health goal, then here are some great health apps that will guide you throughout your fitness and wellness journey. They are the most used apps and, they can surely help you achieve your health goals.

  1. Nike Running App

When it comes to staying fit and being sporty, the only brand that immediately comes to our mind is Nike. The trust built by the brand ‘Nike’ was extended to its running application, making it one of the most used health apps globally. The app hosts a very simple interface that displays information about the running pace, routes, competitors, and many other useful details. Another unique feature of the app is the availability of the world’s best coaches who train you to run a marathon. The app is free for download in both android and iOS versions, and it provides the most powerful community-based training experience.

  1. My Fitness Pal

Fitness Pal is your perfect friend in weight loss. The app has an amazing interface that calculates your daily calorie needs and allows you to create your own diet plan that too, with a choice of over 11 million different food options. Once the user enters the daily food intake, the app provides a clear breakup of the food and declares the calorie count along with the nutrient’s consumers by the user during the day. So, every time you grab a food item, you can just logon to the app and find out the calories. Further, you can integrate your health wearables like Fitbit and others with the app and count the calories burnt daily. Besides, the app also allows you to track your weight and select healthy yet tasty recipes.

  1. Daily Yoga

Even the west is today realizing the importance of ancient Indian Yogic knowledge and is soon adapting and spreading the yoga cult worldwide. So, here’s a simple yet effective yoga app for all yoga enthusiasts – ‘Daily Yoga.’ The app provides specific yoga asanas for different body parts, so if you want to enhance your lungs, the app will offer you the asanas that boost your lungs. Further, the app simplifies the yoga process through instructional images and a time for your fitness sessions. Further, to compensate for the human presence, the app has a voice clip that speaks out whenever the user loses focus on the workout. It is free to download and use on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Fooducate

If you are a foodie and you eat impulsively, then this app is just right for you. The app tracks your daily food intake and helps you know the calories you are consuming. Additionally, it can also educate you about the nutrition levels present in a packaged food and suggest you better alternatives if needed. The app is free to download and use. However, you can choose a premium subscription to avail of the advanced features. So, be aware of every bite you take with food cate.

  1. HealthifyMe

If there is an app that every Indian fitness freak has on his/ her phone, it is none other than HealthifyMe. This health and wellness application is a perfect package of various health aspects. It provides a comprehensive list of more than 18,000 Indian foods. The app has it all, from calorie count, food suggestions, nutrient breakdown to on-demand fitness trainers and dieticians. The app is free to download and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  1. Calm App

To start with, let me inform you that it is not a free app, but if you are suffering from anxiety, sleep issues, concentration problems, or you are just feeling lonely, then calm yourself with the mind-blowing ‘Calm’ app. There are tons of different sessions available here – from mind exercises and medication to sleep stories, there is something for every one of you. Mental health is the root cause of unhappiness today; thus, if you need mindful guidance, then $6 a month is all you need to subscribe to calm and start your spiritual journey.

But Before You Jump The Gun, Here Are Few Things You Must Keep In Mind.

  • Figure out your health goals and download the application that supports your goal.
  • Avoid app that over-promise, like a 5-minute workout for 20 days to reduce 5 kgs; that’s not realistic.
  • Research before you begin. Read reviews, talk to friends, and gather enough knowledge about the app.
  • Try out the free version before going premium.

In Conclusion

Now that we know about the top 6 health apps, we are sure you must be motivated to download and use at least one of them. A lot of people have trained themselves on fitness and yoga using these apps. At times a little push is all we need to venture on a self-love healthy journey and, these health apps could be the perfect way to begin.

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