Are Carbs Addictive?

Addiction To Carbs

Many arguments are going on regarding the addiction to carbs. The controversy surrounding the addiction to carbs and their role in optimal health has dominated several discussions on the human diet for nearly five decades. If you wonder whether carbs are addictive or not, you need to stick to this page until the end.

According to recent research, every time researchers discover the information regarding your body digests and responds to the carbs. This is why many people still wonder how to include carbs in a healthy diet to avoid the addiction. Before stepping further, it is essential to understand what carbs are. So let’s have a glance at the term carbs.

Carbs are carbohydrates, one of the main macronutrients required by your body. According to the sources, it was found that of all the other macronutrients, carbs are arguably one of the essential sources of energy for your body’s cells, tissues, and organs as well. Carbs are considered the primary source of energy and help store it. The first type of food that comes to mind whenever people think about carbs is refined carbs, such as cakes, pizza, cookies, and others. There are many healthy carbs like fruit, vegetables, Whole Grain pasta, and rice which give valuable nutrients to the body and it is healthy.

How Are Carbs Addictive?

Now let’s see how carbs are addictive. There is no hidden fact that carbs are essential for better health. In that case, it is necessary to intake healthy carbs. Most of the time, it was found that mainly people are addicted to junk food that contains refined carbs. Refined carbs are not suitable for health. Most of the time, people face trouble, or it becomes difficult to resist junk food at times. It is essential to control the addiction of taking refined carbs in junk food.

As per one of the significant studies, it was revealed that high carbs meals stimulate regions of the bar that are mainly associated with craving and rewards, which become the reasons for carbs addiction. According to this study, it also seemed that men with obesity or overweight display higher brain activity and more excellent reports of hunger after having a high glycemic index meal. It is essential to know that high food in glycemic index increases blood sugar levels more dramatically than low glycemic index foods. It also suggests that the human urge for refined carbs can do much more with your brain chemistry. It is highly recommended to intake only healthy carbs in your balanced diet to maintain proper health.

How To Break Carb Cravings Easily?

It’s never too late to access positive changes in your lifestyle. In the same way, if you are willing to break your carbs addiction or craving, then you are at the right time. According to nutrition experts, breaking carb cravings is not only about getting rid of the carbs entirely but is more about cutting back on highly processed, fast-acting carbs. Here you can grab the tips to cut your crabs addiction.

  • First, you need to cut out all starchy carbs for around one week. It is more important to exclude high processed foods like pasta, chips, cookies, cake, etc. Cutting out the starchy carbs and replacing them with foods that provide a modest impact on blood sugar will be helpful. It will also help you access self-control over the addiction to unhealthy carbs.
  • Make sure to slash the sugary carbs as well. Mainly sugary carbs include candy and sugar-sweetened beverages. These sugar carbs are not suitable for health and rapidly flood the bloodstream by providing lots of sugar without essential nutrients.
  • After that, you can gradually add back some high-quality starchy carbs to your diet. But make sure to avoid processed food at all costs.
  • Slowly you can also maintain your balanced diet like usual.

Final Verdict

As we understand, taking carbs is not harmful but consuming a lot of processed carbs is harmful. So there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs, which is crucial to understand. Make sure to resist the intake of processed foods to overcome your carbs addiction most effectively and conveniently.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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