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After A Steady Decline, COVID-19 Cases Spikes In India, Again!


Despite the government’s and doctors’ best efforts, COVID-19 in India doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon; here’s why.

After A Steady Decline, COVID-19 Cases Spikes In India, Again!

The main reason for the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in India is basically- Winter. Yes, viruses like COVID-19 tend to survive a lot more ideally than it would do in the summertime. With a decrease in the temperature, the infectivity and survival time of viruses like COVID-19 increases 2 or 3 folds, making it even more lethal in cold weather. That’s precisely what’s happening in India.

States In India Which Tops The Chart Of Daily Positive Cases Of COVID-19 

COVID-19 in India was on fall for the last seven weeks(before week 1 November-8 November), but with the sudden fall in temperature(Winter Is Coming), the infectivity of COVID-19 has increased many folds in India. The number of new cases in the week of November 1-November 8 surpasses the mark of over 3 Lac (3,25,000 to be precise); that number, according to experts, isn’t going to come down anytime soon.

According to the data provided by Bing COVID Tracker, here are the states that are worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic: 

  1. Maharashtra: Maharashtra tops the chart of worst-affected states by the COVID-19 outbreak in India with a number close to 18 lac total cases as of writing this article(26-November-2020), the deaths due to COVID in Maharashtra totals at 47772, and active cases at 84464 as of now. Though the recovery rate of COVID-19 is increasing day by day, with over 1663723 recoveries in Maharashtra alone, this state remains the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  1. Karnataka: Karnataka is second to the race in the list of worst-affected states in India by COVID-19, with over 8,78,055 total confirmed cases, and over 24,909 of them are active cases with 11,714 deaths as of 26 Nov 2020; Karnataka’s active cases are more concentrated in the Bangalore side as it’s the most densely populated and most industrialized area in all of Karnataka, over 3,66,000 cases from a total of over 8,00,000 cases in Karnataka comes only from Bangalore.
  1. Andhra Pradesh: This state reports a consistent number of over 800 daily cases, totaling 8,64,674 cases. Andhra Pradesh, with a total of 12,673 active cases and 6,692 fatal cases, the state has secured the third position in the list of worst-affected states by COVID-19.
  1. Tamil Nadu: With a total of 7,74,710 cases recorded till now in Tamil Nadu, the state deserves a number 4 spot on our list. The state has had 11,655 fatal cases and 11,520 active cases as of 26 Nov 2020, with over 7,50,000 recoveries. Chennai is the worst affected city in Tamil Nadu, with 2,13,417 total cases.


We know the numbers are enormously terrifying, but the bad news is we don’t think the number is coming down anytime soon. Instead, experts say it will keep on increasing until a point of saturation is reached, and the main reason for that to happen is Cold temperature. Although the recovery rates and death dates are increasing and decreasing respectively, COVID-19 still remains “a force to be reckoned with.”

With a steady decline in the total number of daily cases for the past few weeks, the numbers are spiking again, just as they did in the starting. The top 4 states that are worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in descending order are- Maharashtra(17,95,959), Karnataka(8,78,055), Andhra Pradesh(8,64,674), Tamil Nadu(7,74,710).



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