A Teenager’s Nutritional Needs

Teenager’s Nutritional Needs

It is crucial to take charge of your health, especially in the early years. With approximately 20% of kids suffering from obesity, nutritional needs are something worth looking for. Our body, when supplied with a sufficient amount of nutrients, works in favor and allows us to carry out our daily activities in a smooth manner. These nutrients, when consumed, provide us with energy to maintain a healthy weight and a right body posture. Teenage years are considered as the backbone and must construct a better immunity system for the upcoming challenges.

When in contact with them, their immune system weakens, which results in further illness. These are such crucial times where one must look after their health and diet. A teenager’s nutritional needs must be satisfied to live a healthy life. These needs can be fulfilled by taking an appropriate amount of carbs, vitamins, and other requirements.

Following are some of the nutritional needs that must be acquired by every teenager not to stay physically but mentally fir as well:

Calcium And Iron

Foods Rich In Calcium And Iron

These are probably the essential nutrients that must be taken by every teenager, perhaps because these nutrients are responsible for building and strengthening the bones and muscles. Teenage years are the years where an individual develops as a whole. Keeping that in mind, it is quite crucial to have a strong skeleton to improve body structure and body shape. A healthy body posture will make you feel energized and will keep you brighter every day. Calcium and Iron can be found in foods milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Here is the list of food items that are rich in calcium and iron: seeds, yogurt, cheese, beans, fortified foods, fortified drinks, spinach, quinoa, broccoli, dark chocolate.


Proteins In Food

No wonder that this nutrient is in the list. Greatly found in all pulses and milk, yoghurt, cheese, and alternatives like buttermilk. Also found in nuts, seeds, peanut, or almond butter, beans, soy; this nutrient plays great importance. A teenager’s body is made up of 50% protein, and a deficiency in protein will result in a low immunity system. This nutrient is mainly responsible for providing energy to the body and works as a fuel for all the organs. Known as the building blocks, they are also responsible for tissue developments, which ultimately helps to maintain a good body structure. An average amount of 56 and 46 grams of protein must be taken by teenage men and women, respectively.


Carbohydrates In Food

Providing essential functions to the body, such as maintaining the right body cholesterol level and giving aid to digestion. This nutrient is of utmost importance. With continuous intake, they are converted into the body’s primary fuel, i.e., simple glucose, which is required to carry out day-to-day activities. These nutrients must be taken in an appropriate amount as an increase in the intake of carbs may increase the fat percentage of our body. They constitute almost 60% intake of calories. It is recommended that on an average 2800 and 2000 calories must be taken by a teenager man and women respectively.

Vitamins And Minerals

Foods Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

These two nutrients are mainly responsible for building your immune system. When combined with other nutrients in your body, they will help in healing wounds, building up RCB cells, and making them reach to every muscle in your body. Every day your body transmits millions of messages to carry out regular functions; as a result, these nutrients and also responsible for improving the efficiency of such messages and builds up your immune system.

With so much going on globally, it is essential to make sure that you get enough supplements to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The above-listed requirements will help you make sure that you are continuously in the phrase of improving yourself and ready to fight.

Final Thought

With the increase in the number of harmful diseases, it is essential to look after your children. Toddlers and teenagers are often unaware of their immunity system and gradually proceed in favor of such diseases.

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