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9 Ways To Stop Snoring

Almost every Indian household has encountered one problem that is snoring. You must have seen your parents or grandparents snore, which might have disturbed your sleep. This problem is hugely normalized and is not even considered a problem now. However, have you thought of why people snore and what steps we can take?



Snoring happens when you cannot pass oxygen from your nose to the throat during sleep. When you take oxygen, a certain obstacle is created, causing the neighboring tissues to vibrate and produce the snoring sound. Snoring can be caused by several reasons, including age, sleep posture, or being overweight. Research says that men are more prone to snore than women because of the way their bodies are built, but you must have faced many women who snore, haven’t you?

Snoring problems do not lead to anything serious, but when it continues for a longer period can cause health problems. Therefore, below-mentioned are key strategies which can help you sleep better:

  1. Lose Extra Weight:

Lose Extra Weight

Sometimes being overweight has a lot of complications, one of which is snoring. Extra fat percentage in your body blocks the throat and does not allow smooth travel for air.

  1. Change Sleeping Posture:

Change Sleeping Posture

Your sleep posture has a great say in your snoring. If you are snoring with head up high, you most probably have blocked the passage for air, causing snoring sounds. Try to sleep with the head kept low to enable smooth breathing.

  1. Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking

Smoking has several disadvantages, including snoring. Smoking decreases your oxygen holding capacity and deteriorates your lungs. This makes it difficult to breathe air, which causes snoring.

  1. Meals Before Bed:

Meals Before Bed

If you are consuming enormous meals and dairy products like milk before bed, you are more likely to snore. Large meals followed by sleep often disturb your digestion process and result in snoring.

  1. Vowel Exercise:

Vowel Exercise

There are specific exercises which, when performed 3-4 times a day, can help you snore less. One such exercise is vowel exercise. Repeat the vowels loudly a-e-i-o-w for three minutes and try stretching each vowel. This will help in relaxing throat muscles.

  1. Rinse Sinuses:

Rinse Sinuses

Every day before going to sleep, rinse both your nostrils properly and clear the passage for air to enter. Often your noses are stuffed, causing us to snore.

  1. Sleep On Side:

Sleep On Side

Instead of sleeping on your back, try sleeping sideways. This way, your head won’t be held up high, and it will create no blockage from nose to throat.

  1. Anti-Snoring Mouth Appliance:

Anti-Snoring Mouth Appliance

There are many instruments available in the market, specially made to cure snoring problems. These, when used, clear the passage between your nose and throat, allowing you to breathe easily. You can place these appliances in your mouth while sleeping.

  1. Consult A Doctor:

Consult A Doctor

There is never a terrible time to consult a doctor. Whenever you think this problem is increasing and causing pain to perform other activities, consult a doctor. Doctors can provide you with a valid prescription and might suggest a good anti-snoring instrument.

Your partner, when snoring, might enjoy a splendid dream but is surely creating trouble for you. This article sums up the factors which cause snoring and various home remedies, which can help you prevent it. You can use any of the above points and enjoy a noiseless sleep.

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