9 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our brain is an essential pillar of our body structure. If our brain doesn’t work accurately, we cannot think, do things in the right way, and so many issues occur in our life which we cannot afford for healthy living life. That’s why I have conducted nine healthy brain tips that can support your brain function.

Mental functions changes along with age, eating habits, exercise, sleeping time, or manage stress. These all are important to your brain. Let’s look up one by one.

  1. Get Mental Stimulation

Get Mental Stimulation

Our mind activities stimulate connections between nerve cells and help the brain to generate new cells. It develops neurological plasticity and building up a functional reserve that provides a hedge against future cell loss. Any mentally stimulating movement should build your mind. Mental gymnastics like solving puzzles, solving riddles, playing mind games, solving math sums would be the best practice to keep your mind active. Or else you can focus on your hobbies such as painting, crafting, or the outdoor game you like to play.

  1. Get Physical Exercise

Get Physical Exercise

Using your muscles also helps to run your mind quickly. Many types of research stated that physical activity is beneficial to the mind. Physical exercise increases the number of tiny blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Exercise also spurs the advancement of new nerve cells and builds the associations between brain and cells. Exercise lower down your blood pressure, reduce mental stress, and improves cholesterol level, which is good for the heart and mind too.

  1. Right Diet

Right Diet

You might be thinking what’s the connection of diet with the brain. Proper nutrition can help your mind and body. Include fruits, fresh vegetables, and nuts to your diet. Cut out oil and junk food from your regular meal.

  1. Control Your Blood Pressure

Control Your Blood Pressure

Being angry can influence your blood pressure. Change your lifestyle to keep your stress as low as possible. As I said, earlier exercise or meditation helps you keep down your blood pressure and keep you in a good mood. Cut out overconsumption of Alcohol and smoking, reduce stress to improve your blood pressure.

  1. Lower Down Sugar Level

Lower Down Sugar Level

If you are a sugar patient, its essential to lower down sugar from your meals. It is a risk factor for dementia. Cultivate some good habits such as go out for a walk, eat the right food, stay clean. If your diabetes is high, you will need proper medication to achieve good control

  1. Don’t Consume Alcohol

Don’t Consume Alcohol

Staying sober isn’t easy; quit Alcohol is a challenging job, especially you are living in an environment where everybody drinks Alcohol. But drinking is not good at all, neither for your brain health nor for body health. Excessive drinking is a significant risk factor for dementia. Minimize consuming Alcohol if you can’t control totally.

  1. Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions

Many people fail to control their feelings, and that becomes the cause of their unhealthy life. Some emotions are good, like love someone or some pet, pity, help others. Some feelings are not good at some level, such as anxious, depression, sleep-deprived, exhausted. Negative emotions increase health issues. But for good mental health, restful sleep is certainly important.

  1. Meditation


To keep your mind fresh and calm, some asanas and yoga are beneficial. You can join a yoga class, or else you can view online video and learn asan that help you to keep your mind calm and focused.

  1. Medication


If you suffer from any other disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, and your doctor has advised you to have medicine or follow the treatment. Don’t miss out on anything.

Himanshu Shah
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