9 Tips To Reduce The Number In Your Spectacles

Tips To Reduce The Number In Your Spectacles

Wish you could do away with those glasses you have to wear every day to see things clearly? Well, you are not alone. With the increasing stress factor every minute of the day, eye power is common for many of us. Most of us start wearing corrective lenses right from childhood and, unfortunately continue wearing them till old age. Everyone around us normally tells us that it cannot be helped. You must keep wearing them to see clearly, especially if you have nearsightedness, i.e., myopia and farsightedness. While it is not serious about being concerned unless the number of your glasses is quite high, it isn’t very pleasant. However, we can put effort into reducing the number considerably. If you cannot believe it, you can try out these nine tips to reduce it:

  1. Eat A Balanced And Healthy Diet:

As with every other health problem, having a nutritious diet is always helpful. While eating only carrots cannot reduce your number overnight, eating a balanced meal consistently can reduce it in the long run. Make sure to restrict yourself when consuming high sugary foods, foodstuffs containing saturated fats, and other unhealthy foods.

  1. Do Not Strain Your Eyes:

As we are always around activities that need our eyes to concentrate or put a strain on them for longer hours, we also need to give our eyes some respite every few hours. Even though most of us sit browsing on our smartphones and laptops or working on our computers, we should take care that our eyes are not affected. Nowadays, many laptops are well-equipped with anti-glare screens, which do not harm your eyes as much.

  1. Decrease The Lighting Of The Electronics You Are Using:

Whether it is a laptop that you are staring at or a smartphone, make sure not to stare at it without adjusting the brightness. The decreased brightness on your phone not only saves the battery but also protects your eyes. A little adjustment in the intensity of brightness can do wonders for your eyes and that of your overall health. The brightness emitting from these electronics can harm your eyes, and while it might be necessary to work on your laptop, you can surely take care when you do that.

  1. Eye Exercises:

While whether or not eye exercises can help reduce the number of glasses is still debated, they are worth trying. The easiest one that you can do without much effort is blinking. This exercise can be a boon for regular computer or laptop users. If you want to take it slow, you can blink your eyes every 30 seconds closing them in 2 minutes. Another exercise that you can do easily is palming. It has been proved that covering both your eyes with your palms can considerably relax your eyes, also reinstating the lubrication of the eyes.

  1. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is harmful to overall health, and it can affect your eyes, leading to an increase in the number of your spectacles. Apart from that, it can also increase your chances of cataracts and other eye problems and diseases like macular degeneration. The surprising part when you quit smoking is that you will even feel its benefits in your body. Also, if you happen to have diabetes, smoking can inflict serious harm on your body.

  1. Ease Your Eyes By Staring At A Distant Object:

This advice may seem silly, but it is effective. When you look at something at a far distance, you do not stress your eyes in an effort to see. Practising it from time relaxes your eyes in a great way. You can train your eyes deliberately to make it a healthy habit. The more you incorporate this practice into your daily life, the more it will be good for you.

  1. Wear Your Specs Regularly:

While this advice might look quite obvious, many neglect their eyes by not wearing it when needed. I have experienced first-hand how the number of your specs increases when you ignore the doctor’s advice by not wearing your specs from time to time. Sure, you might not like your specs, but blatantly ignoring such an important piece of advice can harm you in the long run. Many older people realize the harm they have done to their bodies only when the power increases steadily. Follow through with this advice when you are young to have increased chances of reducing your eye number. You can also use contact lenses if you want, but it is essential to protect your sensitive eyes at all times.

  1. Don’t Cut Down On Your Sleep:

I know you might have a long list of excuses for improper sleep, but your health is much more important and precious than any other factor. If your work keeps you awake in the night, talk about it with your colleague or manager and come to a definite solution to not disrupt your sleep schedule. Sometimes, drinking a lot of caffeine-infused drinks can interfere with your sleep schedule. To prevent this from happening, limit your coffee intake to 2 times a day and not more than that. So, next time prioritize your sleep instead.

  1. Operate Electronic Devices In A Well-Lit Environment:

Quite simple. But you will be surprised to know how many people instead sit in the dark with their laptops and continue straining their eyes. You can even use the Zoom feature on your laptop to avoid peering at your laptop while trying to read small letters.

It is always better to be informed beforehand so that you can take effective steps to reduce your eyes’ power. However, you need to remember that the results won’t appear immediately, and you need to put in consistent efforts and be patient for it.

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