9 Tips To Keep A Child Safe Even At Home

When children are in growing age, they become naughtier, especially one year to five years of age children. You have to take care of the safety of the children. It is such a time when children try to touch, eat, pass, or understand anything by curiously. They do not know that they can be dangerous or even murderous for them.

Parents have to keep in mind how to make the home child-proof. According to the health minister of India’s figure, children are more prone to an accident at home and in which many kids can die too. You will have to take many precautionary measures to keep your kids stay safe at home.

  1. Never Leave The Child Alone With Water

Never Leave The Child Alone With Water

Babies love to play in the water or around the pool. But water can be dangerous for small children. Babies or small kids can drown in less than an inch of water. Bathrobes or baths in the bathroom, children can go inside it. If you have a fountain or bridge in the garden outside the house, do not leave the child alone.

  1. Keep Cleaning Materials And Chemicals Away From Children

Keep Cleaning Materials Away

There are many such things kept in the house that you are unaware may be poisoned for children. Keep detergent powder, soaps, and powders away from children’s reach. If children eat or drink it, then it can prove to be deadly. Keep the things away from the babies, including the bottle of phenyl or even the bottle of medicine/tablet.

  1. Keep Away Kids From Electrical Outlets Or Wires

Keep Away Kids From Electrical Outlets

Children can die by electric current. Ensure that the electric coil is not hanging or the board or socket is not open in the house. Don’t keep any electrical equipment around the child.

  1. Keep Small Items And Food Items Away From Children’s Reach

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Sometimes a small food item gets stuck in the child’s throat, and the throat gets choked. It can lead to the death of the child. Uniquely carrot, radish, corn, and vegetable baby can swallow. Also, keep the coins, needles, small balls, and anything that the child can quickly consume, keep it away from its reach.

  1. Protect The Children From Falling

Protect The Children From Falling

The child and the old age are at risk of falling. Don’t let the child climb the ladder alone; keep an eye on him while climbing. Always keep the floor dry in the house. Don’t let the little child in the balcony; it can make head down or trap the foot in the grill.

  1. Design Of Windows And Doors According To The Children’s Safety

Childproof Window Design

Don’t place live wires near the window-screen or curtains. If it is passing by the window, keep it away from the reach of children always. There should not be an automatic lock in the door in some houses; it’s not suitable for children’s safety. If the windows of the house are never sliding, children can slide out easily and fall out.

  1. Keep Medication Out Of The Children Reach

Keep The Kid Away From Medication

Children are naughty, and they like to eat things which they see. No matter how dangerous it is for them. Medication is one of the things which kids can eat in small or large quantity which can invite trouble or medical emergency.

  1. Be Prepared For An Emergency

Be Prepared For An Emergency

Kids can be child-proof, unnecessary, and accidental in terms of the safety of your children. That’s why we should always stay prepared for the emergency.

  1. Place Your Home Appliances At Safe

Place Your Home Appliances At Safe

You must-have home appliances like a refrigerator, grinder, washing machine, mixer, or even oven. When your eyes are not on your baby, or you are sleeping, kids can experiment with these appliances. If they touch the live wire or their fingers stuck in the power plug and the switch is on, chances to die too. So better you place the appliances out of the reach of the kids or place, the wiring is safe.


Your child is your most prominent, and you should take care of the child unless he/she becomes understanding enough what’s right for him/her what’s not. Take care, and stay safe!

Himanshu Shah
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