9 Tips To Get Rid Of Addiction | Journey Towards Recovery

Excess of anything converts in addiction, whether it is good addiction or its bad. Some habits, like exercise, being workaholic, listening to music, etc., are good for your health and mood. Whereas, excess of alcohol, smoking, tea are not good habits. But for specific periods you consume them, it converts in addiction. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of addiction.

  1. Accept Reality

Accept Reality

First thing, you have to accept that you are addicted, and now you will minimize the addiction. For that, you are ready for the sacrifices, and believe me; you can do it.

  1. Accept Current Situation

Accept Current Situation

Blame, guilt, regret, anger – none of them going to change your situation. No matter what, nothing will change unless you decide I will no longer be angry, and in this anger, I will not consume any addiction.

  1. Know The Value Of Life

Know The Value Of Life

Life is prestigious; you should value it. Once your addiction starts affecting your health and life, it will take lots of time to recover.

  1. Value The People With You

Value The People With You

You ignore people or your loved one when you are in love with addiction. Once you lost them, probably, they are not coming back to you. So, value them and keep yourself happy with your family, friends, and your dear one.

  1. Make A Plan And Make It Happen

Make A Plan And Make It Happen

Set your mind to quit an addiction, start recovery, and follow the procedure. Visit the rehab center where you can change yourself. Strictly follow their guidelines. They are your well-wishers, not your enemies. They are helping you to get rid of addiction.

  1. Manage Your Emotions

Manage Your Emotions

When you are an addiction, you get emotional very quickly. Such as you get angry and start drinking. You get stressed and start smoking. You get unexcited and start consuming drugs. You should develop the habit of controlling your mind and learn to manage your emotions.

  1. Follow The Therapy

Follow The Therapy

If you are not an inpatient of the rehab center, it’s your responsibility more than you have to follow the instruction more carefully in comparison. If you are inpatient, then also you have to take medication as per their guideline. After all, they do this for your wellness.

  1. Exercise


Regular exercise and meditation help you to get out of addiction quickly. Wake up early in the morning. Go out for a walk or have some activity or meditation in an open place. It will change your mood and habits. Slowly you are going to love this routine instead of loving addicted stuff.

  1. Love

Love Yourself

Love is the most powerful thing in the world that makes anything possible. Love yourself, love your life, like your loved one, love your work, and be happy for the one and leave the addiction.

Final Words

I know leaving addiction is not easy, but you cannot easily let the addiction ruined out your life. Fight with addiction; definitely, you will win.

Preeti Shah
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