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9 Tips For Weight Loss With Ayurveda

This article emphasized on adopting traditional Ayurveda methods, which help in reducing weight. Over the years, due to the constant rush in our lifestyle, problems of obesity have reached its peak, and its high time we make this priority. Ayurveda methods help us achieve our desired results without interrupting our daily routine. A few minor changes can go a long way. Try out the points mentioned above and let us know the results in the comment section below.



Besides the large impact of different diseases on everybody, there is one thing that the majority of the Indians have in common. Though you enjoy a peaceful life, being obese and continually worrying about the increase in weight might make you cautious.

Weight Loss With Ayurveda

Weight loss is one of the daily topics which revolves around our head. With the urban culture inculcating in our life so rapidly, the immediate race towards living a luxurious life has made our bodies worse. Continuous work pressure and balancing personal and professional life have made us vulnerable to a variety of bacterias. Not to forget that COVID-19 is another headache. Obesity being a major factor, needs immediate attention and special care.

Thanks to our origin, we have abundant resources involving traditional methods in every field. Ranging from how to achieve spirituality to getting engage in healthy drinks, a solution is always on its way. One such conventional method is Ayurveda.

This practice was originated about 5000 years back and is still effective. It focuses your inner channels and emphasizes on sectors which understand your priority. A world where not so effective diet tips make headlines and the methods are impossible to decipher, Ayurveda is something you can rely on.

Keeping the methods simple and not dragging you into technical jargon, Ayurveda is quite easy to understand and can be customized as per your preference. Wight loss, when practiced with traditional methods of Ayurveda, can show healthy and satisfactory results. With abundant options, including healthy drinks, daily routine practices, and yoga, you can choose your preferred practice and start whenever you want.

Following are some of the recommended methods you can pursue while maintaining your professional life:

  1. Have Satisfying Meals:

Have Satisfying Meals

Your diet constitutes the main part of your lifestyle. A healthy diet involving appropriate nutrients will make you cherish, and one involving a lot of junk food will have repercussions. Ayurveda states that to lead a well-maintained lifestyle, it is crucial to have three satisfying meals in a day. Do not involve yourself in infrequent eating. Concentrate on nourishing your body with limited eating sessions.

  1. Kapha Enhancing Diet:

Kapha Enhancing Diet

Kapha can be defined as the body’s association with earth and water. In this practice, it is said to eat more Kapha pacifying diet to bring change in your body. This will drain out your excess Kapha from the body, making you more immune to the outside environment. Kapha food involves a lot of dry, rough, and digestible products such as dry fruits and nuts. It also recommends eating frozen and cold food.

  1. Exercise Frequently:

Exercise Frequently

Eating healthy will give you excellent results, but it can be proved unfruitful if not combined with frequent exercising. A combination of healthy portions of food and at least exercising four times a week will get you in good shape. Sessions of cycling, sports, and other routine exercises have proved to be very effective. Make sure you exercise early in the morning when your body is ready to hustle and not to disturb your co-operative world.

  1. Hot Beverages:

Hot Beverages

Ama is a word used in Ayurveda, which refers to the accumulation of different liquid toxins in the body. These toxins serve as a barrier and do not allow the entry of nutrients. Ayurveda states that to remove these toxins, one should refer to different hot beverages. Morning tea/coffee and the use of green teas are quite beneficial to flush out all the toxins. You can also use ginger and black pepper in a few drinks to improve their efficiency.

  1. Use of Triphala:

Use of Triphala

Ayurveda lays great importance in herbal ingredients. Triphala can be defined as a combination of three superfruits, which are Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. All these fruits are grown in India and are easily accessible. Researches say that a combination of these three fruits helps in reducing the glucose level (thereby helping diabetes patients) and leads to weight loss among all age-groups.

These are some methods that you can adopt in your daily life. These methods are quite valuable since they do not change your lifestyle completely and can be inculcated without disrupting your work schedule.

Another great factor that constitutes your weight is the amount of work you do and how much stress and anxiety you have been through. For any positive lifestyle, it is crucial to have your mental state peaceful else. The results won’t be favorable. Thankfully, Ayurveda also has insights regarding this issue.

Following are some of the practices you can acquire in:

  1. Sleep well:

Sleep well

For anybody to function properly, enough amount of sleep is quite essential. Make sure that you have approximately 7-8 hours of sleep daily to reduce mental pressure and have a healthy mindset towards the day.

  1. Small Meals:

Small Meals

Over-eating often results in low metabolic activities. You should have small meals in a day instead of having large meals. Try having something healthy such as portions of fruits and salad every 2-3 hours.

  1. Meditation:


The practice of self-reliance seems healthy and appropriate. To achieve that, one should practice meditation. There is no specific time to practice meditation. You can involve in this activity even while you are eating or can have a session early in the morning.

  1. Lemon Water:

Lemon Water

This is another such method to flush out all the toxins from your body. Lemon water contains citric acid that cleanses your body from within and fuels up your organs with extra nutrients. It is a perfect hack in case of a stressful and busy day. Two glasses a day will keep you energize and help you prepare better.

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