9 Things That Can Make Your Morning

As a child, we were consistently told that getting up early is a great habit, but have we ever thought WHY?

Morning is the time when the energy around you and the strength within you is at the highest; it is the time that decides the destiny of your day.

But The Next Big Question Is, At What Time Should We Wake Up?

Well! It might sound somewhat out-dated, but the ideal time to start your day is at 4:00 a.m. Ahh! I can almost imagine the frown on your face, but if we want to report victory every day, then a little effort is required.

What Happens When We Wake Up Early?

When you wake up at 4:00 a.m., you will experience a different level of peace and silence, where you can hear the voice of your inner hero.

It is indeed the perfect time because there are no phone calls, no WhatsApp messages, or notifications. It’s the time when the sun wakes up. So, use these hours to spend some time with yourself in silence, thanking the universe for everything that you have today and everything that is going to be accomplished by you in the future.

What Should You Do After Waking Up At 4:00 a.m.?

  1. Stay Away From Mobiles

Stay Away From Mobiles

Wake up early, and please do not touch your mobile phones. No one needs to be messaged now. So stay away from all gadgets.

  1. Say Thank You

Be Thankful To The World

Say thanks to God and the world for the beautiful morning. Most of the time, we do not trust what we want; we doubt our capabilities; for example: “I want to study abroad, but I know it’s difficult, maybe I will not even crack the entrance exam.” This negative thought is what keeps us away from our dreams. So, mornings are the times when you recall your wishes and reaffirm them. The determination that comes out of such a positive life-state is more potent than anything else.

  1. Meditate For A While

Meditate For A While

Trust me; it’s not complicated. Mediation is nothing but setting your body and mind in peace—a state where you can feel appreciation for your existence. We have achieved a lot in life, yet we forget to appreciate our self. We focus more on what we missed, but it is important to celebrate what we have. Remember, appreciation is a secret medicine that prepares your life for THE BIG VICTORY.

  1. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk

Yes! Health is wealth, and what better time to go out and breathe fresh air than early morning. An early morning walk can create magic for your body, and if you practice this daily, then trust me, you will not require any energy pills to keep yourself running.

  1. It’s Tea Time

Healthy Morning Tea

Now that you have set the right tone for your day. Sit back and sip some warm tea or coffee.

  1. Spend Time With Family

Quality Time With Family

We all have 24 hours, but we all complain about not having that quality 10 minutes to spend with our family. Research has proved that people who spend time with their families every morning are more productive throughout the day. So, whether it is over tea or breakfast, interact with your family, crack jokes, and give your day a decisive touch.

  1. Water Your Plants

Water Your Plants

Watering the plants is another therapeutic activity that can add a lot of positivity to your day. A lot of countries use horticulture therapy to reduce the curing time of elderly patients. In this kind of treatment, patients are given a plant and asked to take care of it. It has been seen that as they get involved in this activity, they cure themselves faster than usual. So, if you do not have plants at home, then get one today and create the joy of seeing life grow.

  1. Have A Healthy Breakfast

Have A Healthy Breakfast

In my previous article, I had written about the high vibration of food. So, make sure your breakfast is high on vibration. Bless the food before eating it and give your body a healthy start.

  1. Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

You are now ready to hit the goal, but make sure you decide on the target for the day before you start. It may be as simple as reading ten pages of a book you bought recently. So, plan your goal and report victory at the end of the day.

They say it takes 21 days to make a HABIT. So, put yourself to work for 21 days and see yourself following the regime religiously for the rest.

Remember! Mornings can be Good only if you want it to be.

Indira Dutta
Indira Duttahttps://www.99healthideas.com/author/indira/
Indira Dutta is a writer by profession and passion. She is a health freak, an expressionist, a storyteller, and a strong communicator.

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