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9 Symptoms And Causes Of Breast Cancer



Causes Of Breast Cancer

Despite the popular notion, a lump on the breast is not the only symptom of this deadly cancer. It comes with a host of many other symptoms that both male or female, must be aware of.

Many people are not aware that there are many subtypes of breast cancer, so knowing about all the potential signs and symptoms is helpful. However, some breast cancers may be asymptomatic; that is, they have any noticeable symptoms.

Awareness about the signs, symptoms, and causes can help in the prevention of this disease.

  1. Lumps On The Breast

Lumps On The Breast

A lump or mass can range from hard and painful to soft and painless lumps. This is one of the most common red-light signs due to which people go to the physician for a mammogram (X-ray of the breast). However, sometimes, a mammogram may not detect cancerous cells.

  1. Change In Appearance Of The Breast

Change In Appearance Of The Breast

Any change in appearance can be a warning sign, but not necessarily so. Therefore, knowing how your breasts usually look is vital to take care of yourself. If there is a thickening in the breast tissue or any swelling, it is a warning sign and calls for an immediate appointment with the doctor. A rash around the nipple can be a classic sign of breast cancer. Cancerous cells may develop in dense breast tissue. Women of 40 years or above must do a self-exam and regular screening because age and menopause are major causes that may lead to breast cancer.

  1. Nipple Retraction Or Inversion

Nipple Retraction Or Inversion

Breast cancer is simply the outgrowth of cancerous cells in the tissue that take over the healthy cells and cause the body harm. Often, these cell changes can cause observable effects on the nipple as it retracts inward into the breast.

  1. Discharge From The Nipples

Discharge From The Nipples

A whitish, yellowish, greenish and reddish fluid leaking from the nipple is symptomatic of breast cancer. This fluid is other than breast milk.

  1. Redness


The breast tissue may get red and even purplish due to underlying changes in the breast tissue. It can give an irritated or bruised look on the breasts. This redness is often a telltale sign of cancer developing in the breast.

  1. Dimpling Of The Breast Tissue

Dimpling Of The Breast Tissue

Cancerous cells can make the breast tissue look dimpled due to the excessive buildup of lymph fluid. The surface of the skin seems pitted, just like that of an orange. This is why doctors call this “peau d’orange.”

  1. The Texture Of The Skin Changes

Skin Changes

The onset of breast cancer can lead to changes in the texture of the skin cells due to inflammation. The skin around the nipple and areola can get thickened, scaly, dry, and itchy.

  1. Breast Pain

Breast Pain

Feelings of discomfort or tenderness in the breast tissue can be symptomatic of breast cancer. Often, breast cancers develop without causing any pain, but it is crucial to address any pain because it’s one of the factors that could potentially lead to breast cancer.

  1. Lymph Nodes

Lymph Nodes

Cancerous cells can often inhabit lymph nodes and cause swelling. This happens most commonly in the lymph nodes of the armpit and collar bone.

The most common causes of breast cancer include the inheritance of mutated genes due to such a family history. Also, females are at a much higher risk of breast cancer as compared to males. Increasing age is another contributing factor that increases the risk of breast cancer. Exposure to radiation and obesity are also leading causes of breast cancer.

Taking care of these causes and symptoms can help prevent breast cancer for numerous people.

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