9 Online Games That Can Harm Your Kids’ Brain And Memory

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One of the hottest trends in today’s generation is online gaming. Keeping children in mind might be harmful to them. Therefore, it is advisable to completely ban children from gaming. In this post, we’ll discuss 9 Online games that affect the mental condition of your kids.

Which Games Are Dangerous For Kids?

  1. The Blue Whale Challenge

Parents are concerned about their children’s safety because of the Blue Whale Challenge. Trends indicate that children are becoming victims of internet games and challenges that not only do them great harm but also take their lives.

These online games frequently encourage children to self-harm, commit suicide, and post pornographic images online. Sensibility and intelligence are put on the back burner; parents must sit their children down and discuss these heinous online tendencies with them.

  1. The Cutting Challenge

Teenagers are forced to intentionally cut themselves while playing this game, take images of their injuries, and share them online. After taking part in this challenge, kids believe they are a member of a famous group, making deliberate bodily modification seem like a great thing. Despite how misplaced, it offers them a sense of self.

  1. Cinnamon Challenge

Numerous YouTube videos have demonstrated this particular issue. It entails ingesting a teaspoon of cinnamon powder without drinking any water. It is almost impossible for anyone to succeed since the spice dries up your mouth.

Most patients instantly cough up a big cloud of powder that looks like cinnamon. The flavor is so intense that some people vomit. Some people experience coughing fits after inhaling the tiny powder. Rarely, patients who have inhaled powder into their lungs must be hospitalized and put on ventilators.

  1. Touch-My-Body Challenge

This online game is played by two players and is visually documented. A challenge involves having someone who is blindfolded touch the second player’s body part, and the second player must determine what it is. The majority of the time, the blindfolded player ends up touching the other player’s privates, and then the footage is uploaded online. This game affects the mental health of both players who are playing and results in vomiting and suicide.

  1. The Salt and Ice Challenge

Under this challenge, teenagers first apply salt to their skin before covering it with ice. The player suffers terrible burns, which are similar to frostbites, as a result of the salt severely lowering the temperature of the ice to as low as -26 degrees Celsius. The young people who participated frequently recorded themselves to see how they did and whether they outperformed their peers.

  1. Grand Theft Auto

In Bangkok, Thailand, a young man called a taxi in 2008. He took out a knife and killed the driver when it came time to pay for his ride. Later, he claimed that Grand Theft Auto was to blame for his violent behavior since he required the money to play it, and “killing appeared easy in the online game.” As a result, the entire GTA series was banned in the nation.

  1. Metin 2

The 13-year-old boy who died in Istanbul was reportedly killed by these previously banned dangerous games. After the game was suspected of being the cause of the death, concerns regarding it resurfaced.

The game originally raised attention in 2009, following the passing of another 13-year-old boy in the province of Erzurum in the east. Following the murder of a second boy, the Turkish government already prohibited children under the age of 15 from playing the game at internet cafes.

  1. Mobile PUBG

Players Unknown Battleground is a pubg game being called for closure in India. Within a short time, this game rose to popularity. In Gujarat, the game was outlawed for a month, and 16 people were detained for engaging in it. Doctors claim that playing the Pubg games affects mental conditions and that children’s propensity for violence is also growing as a result. After losing a pubg match, a 16-year-old kid in Madhya Pradesh passed away in May of this year from a heart attack. According to the report, he had been playing Pubg for the previous six hours. Pubg is one of our list’s top 5 most hazardous internet games.

  1. The Fire Challenge

This is a fire game challenge, as the name would imply. To start a fire and film a video, the players in this game were instructed to put flammable liquids like gasoline on the body. In this game, numerous teenagers lost their lives. In New York, a 15-year-old kid was killed by another child who sprayed alcohol on his chest and set it ablaze, leaving him severely burned during the same game. This online game is also risky.

How To Keep A Child Away From Online Gaming Addiction?

Introduce your child to additional enjoyable activities that provide a variety of pleasure and might even earn him real-world points. These can range from physically demanding pursuits like sports, biking, or running to less strenuous ones like reading, picking up a musical instrument, learning to code, or hanging out with friends.

Wrap Up!

These online games frequently go unnoticed until they start to affect the mental condition of kids. When parents seek assistance for their children, it may already be too late. Therefore, it’s crucial to speak with the kids right away and find out whether anything is upsetting them. Saving innocent lives can be achieved in large part by assisting people in comprehending the hazards of such a trend.

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