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9 Most Terrifying Side Effects Of Drugs

Mostly, drugs are a combination of chemicals designed to have specific effects on the body and brain. Although drugs can make you feel relieved or even ecstatic (in the case of recreational drugs), their after-effects aren’t as exciting. Sadly, it’s these effects that tend to be long-lasting and could even be passed on to your children also after you’ve stopped taking the substance.

Here are the scariest of them:

  1. Hallucinations


Hallucinations aren’t caused only by psychotropic drugs; they can be the result of certain prescription drugs too. Hallucinations would mean an altered perception of reality and could result in you causing physical harm or an accident.

  1. Compulsive Behaviours

Compulsive Behaviours

Taking drugs affects the brain’s dopamine reward system, thus causing frequent changes in emotions and moods. In one moment, it could result in aggressiveness, and in the next, that could change into paranoia – both resulting in impulsive decision making.

  1. A Weakened Immune System

A Weakened Immune System

Continuous reliance on drugs could weaken the immune system. Either damaging it from the beginning, making the body dependent on it for basic functioning, or by creating a superbug that becomes resistant to the drug itself. In any case, this would make the body more prone to illness and disease.

  1. Heart Conditions

Heart Conditions

Drugs make the blood run faster, and this could lead to an abnormal heart rate. In a situation where this is frequent, it could result in a heart attack. Furthermore, this could mean collapsed veins as well as blood vessel infections if the drug was induced through an injection.

  1. Problems With Memory

Problems With Memory

Attention and decision making capabilities may both be impaired due to the ingestion of drugs. This would make it much tougher to function daily and could have a much more detrimental effect on those around you, such as family and friends.

  1. Seizures, Stroke, Mental Confusion, And Brain Damage

Seizures, Stroke, Mental Confusion, And Brain Damage

As most drugs are made to affect the body’s natural neurotransmission, if unsuitable, they could result in severe brain damage. Less permanent effects leading up to this include seizures and strokes that people can recover from; however, this becomes highly unlikely at a later stage.

  1. Lung Disease

Lung Disease

The intake of drugs could result in high levels of lung toxicity that accumulate over time. Certain chemotherapeutic drugs are causing diseases ranging from pneumonia to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Between 1-10% of people who take medications such as Bleomycin is affected by this.

  1. Cancer


One of the most severe health consequences of drug use is cancer. Drugs taken through injection could cause hepatitis-B, and if this goes untreated, it could culminate into a form of carcinoma. The threat is so eminent that even manufacturers could become susceptible to cancer.

  1. Death


Last but not least, the ultimate effect of drug use is an untimely death. Opioids, alone or in combination, are the most common cause of drug-induced deaths, but overdosing on any drug would make that a likely chance, even a prescription drug. Painkillers are known to be the deadliest prescription drugs today.

All said and done, we regret irresponsible drug use in any manner and would advise you to consult a renowned doctor before ingesting any form of drugs.

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