9 HIV Myths And Facts – AIDS Awareness Is Essential For Adults

On October 7, 2019 by Preeti Shah

HIV Myths And Facts

HIV means Human immunodeficiency virus. We all are aware of this name HIV AIDS. It is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus. Aids is a life-changing illness and can be developed by having a sexual relationship with the person HIV positive or by transforming blood of a person who has this virus.

There are lots of facts and myths and misconceptions about how one can get HIV affected. Here we debunk those facts and myths and give you the right idea about how HIV is passed on.

HIV can only be transformed from one person to another person via the following bodily fluids:

  1. Myth – Blood, semen (including pre-cum), vaginal fluid, anal mucous, breastmilk – MYTHS of HIV

HIV AIDS infection occurs when infected bodily fluids get into the bloodstream in these ways:

Fact – unprotected sex and sex toys, from mother to baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding can influence HIV, injecting drugs with a needle that has infected blood in it, infected blood donations or organ transplants

  1. Myth – Touching someone who has HIV

Facts – It can only be transmitted through specific bodily fluids. So, you can’t get a virus from touching someone, hugging, or shaking the hand with the person who has HIV.

  1. Myth- Through sweat, tears, urine HIV can transmit if someone who has HIV

Fact – It is not possible to transmit HIV through sweat, tears, urine. There is not a virus in it.

  1. Myth – Mutual masturbation can transmit HIV

Fact – Mutual masturbation, fingering, or hand-jobs cannot give you aids. However, if sex toys used by you, make sure it is well cleaned. Use a new condom every time on when sex toys switching between partners.

  1. Myth – HIV is in air. You cannot cohabit with an HIV person

Fact – HIV can’t survive in the air; it’s a common-sense thing. So, you can’t get the virus from sharing a space with someone who is HIV-positive

  1. Myth – we should not use food, drink and cooking utensils of a person who has HIV

Fact – HIV cannot pass even if the person preparing food. Share food, share a drink is a normal thing. You should not break the relation with a person just because he/she has HIV. HIV doesn’t transform through sharing food drinks and utensils.

  1. Myth – HIV can transform through mosquito or other insects.

Fact – You can’t get HIV from insects such as mosquitoes because when an insect bites you; it sucks your blood only; it does not inject the blood of the last person it bit.

  1. Myth – Tattoos and piercings risk

Fact – There is no risk in tattoo designs, but a chance is only when if the professional uses the needle has been used in the body of someone living with an HIV affected person and not sterilized afterward. However, there should be a law to use new needles for each new client for the practitioners.

  1. Myth – HIV can influence with the water

Fact – HIV can’t survive in water. Don’t need to worry about getting HIV from swimming pools, shower areas bath, washing clothes of a person HIV effected, or from drinking water.


Kissing, hugging, sharing food, insect bites, toilet seat use, having a bath in swimming pool, sneezes, and coughing or sweat cannot influence HIV Virus. Love the person who is suffering from HIV. HIV is curable in many ways. There are many treatments and technology available in science. But the best thing is to be careful and let’s fight against HIV.

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