9 Great Ways To Stop Kids Gadgets Addiction

We always keep saying the same thing that children are born with a technical mind. But none of us has understood who is responsible for making them that way. A vast array of colourful pictures, attractive videos, exciting games and other such features have made it a unique, entertaining game for children. Sadly, a child’s quality cannot be measured by how well they play mobile games or how fast the remotes and mobiles are operating.

Suggested Ways to Stop Kids Gadgets Addiction

  1. Linked To Grandparents

Link Your Kids To Grandparents

Grandparents can provide precious time to their grandchildren. They can play well with them or tell them old religious and mythological stories. In this way, both grandparents and children will also be happy. With this, children also get inspiration to join their family.

  1. Start By Yourself

Keep Yourself Far From Gadgets

We all know that children are the best imitators. They try to do what they see around. Therefore, such parents who spend a lot of their time on mobile themselves, it may not be beneficial to give instructions to children in such cases. They will misunderstand you. Therefore, by using the limited use of the phone, you should be a good role model for your children. If your profession demands to use the phone, then keep it away from the eyes of your children.

  1. Connect Children With Nature

Connect Kids Children With Nature

Nature is a natural medicine for children. Take them to play in the park near your house every day. Children will enjoy the greenery and feel fresh as well. Friends will also be made in the park towards the child so that he will be able to mingle with them. You can also get your child some physical games.

  1. Balance The Routine

Balance The Routine

Put the TV in your other room instead of your bedroom and use less of the phone in front of the children. Avoid saying “no” all the time because children usually do more things that they are not allowed to do. So plan your children’s routine to watch their favourite cartoon or any other channel which gives useful information.

  1. Creativity


Always engage your children in some new things. For example, to make some creative items, they can use useless items like newspapers at home, etc. Apart from this, you can take away your children from these gadgets by adding them to cooking or gardening.

  1. Interact With Children

Interact With Children

Keep mobiles, tablets or other gadgets away from children for a few hours. In the meantime, send them to an entertainment class or Hobby classes. Interact with them. This way, you can set an example for them.

  1. Keep Gadgets Out Of The Reach Of Children

Keep Gadgets Out Of The Reach Of Children

You should keep these gadgets away from them. So that he cannot reach them even if he wants. If the child is small, put your phone somewhere at a height or set a password in it and keep the TV remote hidden somewhere so that it will not be able to use it.

  1. Do Not Tempt Children With Gadgets

Do Not Tempt Children With Gadgets

To get rid of children’s mobile addiction; you must stop giving greed to children. Do not lure the mobile to the child to do homework or feed him.

  1. Keep Busy With Household Tasks

Keep Kids Busy With Household Tasks

To keep the children away from gadgets, take the help of the child in household chores according to the ability of the child in free time. With this, he will also learn something new and stay away from mobile for a while.


I hope this article helps you to keep yourself and your children away from gadgets like tabs, mobiles, laptops and so on. It is not a bad idea to keep restriction to the child, but it should be in a smoother way and with proper understanding. You have to explain disadvantages such as it harms your eyes; it will eat up your time to study, you cannot go out to play with your friends if you spent much time with gadgets.

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