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Along, we have heard about food with proteins, but what if someone tells you that the kind of food you eat can decide the type of person you become.

Well! It is not an idea but a well-established theory that proves that every food item carries a specific vibration, these vibrations, based on their types, create energy in our body.

Let’s Understand What Are High Vibrational Foods?

Scientifically, food that has a greater level of light than density contains high vibrational energy. Therefore, the hormones that spoil or uplift your mood and life condition are linked to the type of food you eat.

So, if you are eating food with low vibration, then immediately, the energy levels in your body will also get affected. You will start feeling sluggish and tired. This type of food is called energy drainers, so it is essential to select the right diet for you and your family.

Once you have picked the right food, you also need to ensure that the place where you are cooking and consuming the meal also contains high vibration. If you want to raise the vibration of the food that you are eating, then firstly regard the process of eating and cooking as a ritual.

These Are Five Things; You Must Avoid Doing, While Eating:

  • Do not watch negative videos or news while eating your food.
  • Do not criticize or talk ill about anything or anybody while eating. Your words are continually creating or depleting your energy levels.
  • Do not talk on the phone while eating.
  • Do not count or feel guilty about the food you are eating. Enjoy what you eat.
  • Avoid eating meat or other non-vegetarian dishes as much as possible. They might be high on proteins but have very low vibrations.

Many food items contain very high energy. So, make sure that you consume at least one of them daily.

  1. Fresh Fruits: Conventional fruits like apples, oranges, pears, papaya, and many others have a higher vibration than processed juices. One bowl of fresh fruits can not only keep you healthy, but it will serve as great nourishment to your mind. 
  1. Fresh Organic fruits and vegetables: Organic is just not a trend, but in reality, it serves as a great source of energy. Organic vegetables and products contain very high vibration, which is tapped directly from the strength of the sun.
  1. Herbs: The ancient history bears testimony to the fact that nature itself has the best of medicines that can be life-saving as well as life-changing. They are energizing, alkaline, and good for the system.
  1. Raw Food: Heating/ Cooking any food can destroy its nutrients and natural enzymes. Whereas, anything consumed raw contains high vibration. But make sure you clean them properly before drinking.
  1. Himalayan Salt: Raw Salt is another excellent source of high vibration. The original Himalayan salt, pink salt, or any form of unprocessed salt contains very high energy. Natural Celtic sea salt is also known for its high nutrient and energy value.
  1. Fresh Pressed Green Juices: Fresh fruits carry high vibration that detoxifies your body, increases your light quotient, and enhances your life frequency. One glass of fresh celery juice, early morning, can work wonders for your body. 
  1. Coconut Water: I call this nature’s gifted drink. Drinking fresh coconut water for ten days will make you feel fresh. It will also help elevate your mood and increases the happiness quotient.
  1. Nuts and Seeds: Peanuts, hazelnuts, sweet almonds, and sunflower seeds contain very high frequency. They are rich in fiber and energy. As a routine, you can make them your evening snack.
  1. Fresh Water: Last but most important source of vibration is clean water. Our body is composed of 60% water, and our earth is also formed of the same. Thus, if you always stay well hydrated, then you will never feel lethargic and will also have bright glowing skin. Try it and see for yourself. 10-12 glasses of water daily will be enough for enhancing your inner and outer health.

A little bit of awareness can make your everyday food a Super Food. Express a little gratitude to the universe before eating, and never forget to appreciate the one who cooked the meal for you.

Also, for those who cook meals for their family, please take care of your thoughts while cooking. Your kind thoughts can energize the food and raise the vibration of those who eat it.

The food that you eat not only nourishes your body, but it is also a source of nourishment for your mind and soul.

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