9 Critical Issues Affecting Girls And Women’s Life

In major parts of society, women are involved, but some cases affect women and are more touching than others. It is a bitter truth of a community that women still have to face many problems related to their health, respect in society, education, and many more. We will discuss some critical issues which affect the lives of girls and women.

List of 9 Issues that Affects Girls & Women’s Life

  1. Water And Sanitation –

Water And Sanitation

Due to the lack of facilities of hygienic sanitation and clean drinking water, girls and women suffer most. It is often seen that girls do not go to school during their menstruation, mainly due to the lack of a proper bathroom. Even today, the problem of clean water is existing in developing countries, and in such a situation, women have to bring water far from.

  1. Education Access – 

Education Access

As per the report of UNESCO-2013, there are around 31 million girls who are not in school, and one in every four young women in developing countries had never completed their primary schooling.

  1. Employment Opportunities –

Employment Opportunities

 In terms of workforce, women are still discriminated against in rich and developed countries like the US. According to some estimates, women earn only $ 0.77 for every $ 1 earned by men.

  1. Domestic Abuse– 

Domestic Abuse

Although the problem also affects men, domestic violence is another top concern for women. An estimated 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically attacked by their partners every year. Even teen dating violence is more prevalent because many people have accepted it.

  1. Reproductive Health And Rights– 

Reproductive Health And Rights

In developing countries like India, 225 million women have an unmet requirement for the planning of the family. According to facts and figures cited by Women Deliver, a women’s advocacy group, every year, women contributing to 74 million unplanned pregnancies and 36 million abortions.

  1. Maternal Health– 

Maternal Health

The World Health Organization estimates that because of pregnancy-related causes and preventable, every day, 800 women die. Approximately 300,000 lives are lost per year during a life-making event.

  1. Female Genital Mutilation– 

Female Genital Mutilation

Globally, female genital mutilation has become a concern for many people. The United Nations sees the practice of cutting off a woman’s genital organs as a violation of human rights and is becoming a frequent topic of conversation.

  1. Disloyalty Of Cheating Partners– 

Cheating Partners

On the individual relationship front, cheating is an issue. While it’s frequently not examined outside of the home or a gathering of dear companions, it is a worry for some ladies. Even though we frequently partner this with men acting severely, it isn’t selective to them, and various ladies cheat also.

  1. Child Marriage– 

Child Marriage

According to the estimation, between 2011 and 2020, 140 million girls will become child brides. Girls married before age 18 are generally deprived of education more sensitive to intimate partner violence, and the risk of complications related to premature labor.

Teen pregnancy – issues related to women are the reality of teenage pregnancy. This is always a concern, and, historically, young girls are often withheld or forced to leave their children.


In the article, we have discussed the eight issues which affect women and girls. Women can fight all these problems by spreading awareness among people.

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